Mine Digital CEO to speak on prospects for cryptocurrencies


Grant Colthup, CEO of Mine Digital, is looking forward to engaging with crypto investors and traders across Australia as a part of an upcoming national roadshow.

Mine Digital is a lead sponsor on the roadshow. The roadshow starts with a bang with events in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and runs over three consecutive nights. The roadshow kicks off in Brisbane on Tuesday 17th September, then finds its way to Melbourne (Wednesday 18th September) and finishes the first leg in Sydney on Thursday 19th. The tour will then expand across Australia in October, November and December making stops in Newcastle, Launceston, Adelaide and Perth.

“Its an interesting time for crypto and digital assets at the moment – we are at a sort of crossroads. Alt coins continue to lack support, whilst bitcoin seems to be finding support from a variety of participants. We believe that there will be an incredible investment opportunity in this space in the coming decade.

“If we go back to 2002, tech and telco’s were still languishing, however, much of the infrastructure that has supported the incredible growth we have seen over the last 17 years had been put in place. To me it feels like we are in a similar scenario,” said Mr Colthup.

Mine Digital is a crypto exchange and broker based in Sydney that aims to serve as a gateway to the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Mine represents the intersection of blockchain, technology and cryptocurrencies with traditional financial market knowledge.

“We want to make risk-managed crypto readily accessible, with secure infrastructure, to a variety of investors, including individuals, professional fund managers, and SMSFs. The Mine team applies its accumulated knowledge and expertise to deliver value to our clients,” said Mr Colthup.

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