HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LegalDocs–The early-stage Hong Kong-based InvesTech startup MINEO has launched the second platform in its three-part ecosystem, MINEO DOCS. The LegalTech solution provides automated legal documentation workflows, collaborative drafting environment and e-signing services. MINEO DOCS places focus on the underserved local SMEs and startups in Hong Kong, and throughout Greater China.

“In the early stages of establishing and developing our parent company, Fenix TLS, we experienced the need for affordable and jurisdiction-relevant legal documentation. With a limited budget, we were unable to engage a full time legal professional to draft agreements on our behalf,” stated MINEO and MINEO DOCS founder, Dominique Moralez.

The availability of affordable alternatives to engaging with full-time or ad-hoc legal services have rapidly emerged in recent years, resulting in a growing industry of digital-first LegalTech solutions. MINEO DOCS targets the underserved community of local SMEs and startups in Hong Kong and throughout Greater China, providing Chinese speaking clientele with access to a catalogue of Chinese precedents, along with an extensive library of English documentation.

“Existing LegalTech services in Hong Kong have been focused on serving the needs of English speaking clientele. MINEO DOCS is committed to serving the Chinese speaking community, offering a localised solution with jurisdiction-relevant precedents in Traditional Chinese,” stated MINEO and MINEO DOCS founder, Dominique Moralez.

MINEO DOCS currently offers a catalogue of legal documentation in English and Traditional Chinese, with plans to expand the service to include frequently utilised Simplified Chinese precedents. In addition, the MINEO DOCS catalogue includes a customised NCNDA, a non-disclosure precedent, specific to the requirements of foreign companies engaging with companies based in Mainland China.

“Our primary market is Greater China, and the majority of our existing clientele originate from Hong Kong. We observed a significant deficiency in the availability of affordable and localised legal documentation solutions being offered to Chinese speaking SME owners and startup founders in Hong Kong. MINEO DOCS is designed to serve our community, and support their continued business growth,” stated MINEO co-founder Tanya Lee Moralez.

Dominique Moralez and Tanya Lee Moralez are co-founders of Hong Kong-based Fenix TLS, MINEO and MINEO DOCS. The Moralez co-founder team have recently been selected to participate in the 90 Day Finn programme, organised by City of Helsinki owned Helsinki Partners.


Tanya Lee Moralez