AURORA, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the new Roundtracer Flash. This non-contact measuring unit is expected to deliver even more speed and versatility to the Mitutoyo Form Measurement line.

Features include:

  • Based on side-by-side two-dimensional image architecture, this allows images acquired by different sensors to be perfectly combined to generate a single workpiece image containing no defects or gaps at stitching edges
  • Measures parts up to 300mm in length without any vertical movement of the sensors or part
  • Executes 100 static measurements in two seconds regardless of how the measurement sections are distributed along the workpiece
  • With no Z-axis movement to capture 2D images, consistency of profiles and part geometries remain stable for millions of cycles thus minimizing maintenance intervals
  • Performs measurements with one single button operation
  • Easy to implement into a smart factory when using an external robot system to automate workpiece loading
  • 7 available USB ports data output and code reading

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