Mobbeel is the Digital Onboarding’s provider of AKISI app from PRONET
Mobbeel strengthens its presence in Guatemala by providing the Digital Onboarding technology for Akisí App, an Electronic Wallet available for Android devices. It allows paying basic and financial services from the smartphone, reducing the use of cash and speeding up transactions in order to boost the local economy.
Akisi App users can make real-time transfers, charge a remittance or buy any product in affiliated stores. This is a fast, simple and secure way to make these services available to Guatemalans, especially in rural areas. The project has received support from Veentrix, Mobbeel’s local partner in Central America.
Akisí is a brand of PRONET, S.A., a Guatemalan company with 12 years of experience, which allows users to pay for electricity, telephone, financial services and commercial transactions in the same place. It has the largest network of service points in the country, (6,000 payment points) and 5,000 points in 34 states in the USA. 
Pronet launches its e-wallet through an alliance with Fundación Génesis Empresarial, an entity specialised in microfinance for development, with the largest coverage and reach in Guatemala, with 32 years of work. It is a non-profit foundation that promotes economic and social development through productive loans, actively serving 150,000 clients and supporting financial, technological and digital inclusion.
Committed to innovation and digital services, PRONET has launched akisí App the Electronic Wallet that uses MobbScan, Mobbeel’s digital onboarding technology to enrol the customers in its digital wallet, by automatically scanning an ID card, verifying the information contained in it and identifying the customer through facial recognition, using advanced liveness detection and offering a seamless user experience in a fully automated process.

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