New era banking by Zodiaq, world’s first cryptofiat bank.

ZODIAQ is building a financial blockchain corporation, that with time will represent a universal crypto-currency center with a fully-fledged independent ecosystem. At heart lies an existing bank with a state license that allows to perform banking operations and process transactions in different currencies including cryptocurrencies. During the upcoming year ZODIAQ will officially open its doors to the first clients, allowing individuals, SMEs and corporations to open accounts, make deposits, transfer funds, get loans and use merchant services in fiat and cryptocurrency. The organization will evolve along with the market and legislation, ensuring stability and long-term development.

ZODIAQ infrastructure will represent a complete system with on-site components to provide a truly seamless service, offer mid-market rates and minimize commissions in the long time perspective.

Besides a licensed banking structure, the ecosystem will include 3 other key elements, that would be integrated with ZODIAQ banking platform to provide a wide range of guaranteed services for both individuals and legal entities, while ensuring lawfulness of all operations.


Hedge Fund

A significant part of investment funds will be allocated to form the Zodiaq Economic Stability Trust (ZEST), that makes the management of assets possible based on big data analysis and deep machine learning. Applied knowledge of successful strategies and scenarios would be then used to offer a range of favorable investment options in cryptocurrencies, digital assets and related products, reducing the overall volatility of the portfolio and minimizing market risks. Thus all clients would be able to choose where to invest by forming and managing their own investment portfolios which in long term will ensure higher income than from passive investments in cryptocurrencies. Currently the trading algorithm is being testing on the Poloniex Exchange.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Today, cryptocurrency holders are forced to juggle between several exchanges, depending on the assets they need to sell or obtain. To remove this inconvenience and provide a seamless experience, ZODIAQ created an on-site cryptocurrency exchange, allowing clients to easily exchange their fund and make instant transactions within one system. To minimize costs for operational expenses, the company will issue OZOD, local tokens within the ecosystem that are backed up by real assets and their profitability. This means that all transaction within the system will be made at minimal or no cost.

Payment system

ZODIAQ ecosystem will include a multi-currency payment system which enables the bank to cut down payment commissions and ensure low-rate instant transactions. This will apply to deposits and withdrawal of funds from the system through transfers via payments systems, SWIFT and SEPA transfers in popular currencies, replenishment of the fiat account in partner banks, MasterCard and Visa and cryptocurrency payments at point of sale. Catering the needs of business clients, the system will also support cross border transactions, enhancing efficiency, credibility and security of all financial operations.

As a result, the project will create a stable framework, reduce the overall costs of financial transactions, to avoid overpricing caused by high volatility in the currency markets, ensuring security and reliability of all transactions within the system.