The First Release of the ThyForLife Mobile App is Now Available for Mobile Android Devices

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#digitalhealthThyForLife, a free thyroid tracking app, has launched its first official product following a successful beta app launch in May 2020 where more than 8,000 thyroid patients around the world chose the tool to better understand and manage their thyroid conditions. Downloadable on all mobile Android devices globally, ThyForLife allows users to organize and store all of thyroid patient medical data including bloodwork, medication, weight, and symptoms.

Thyroid cancer survivor, Founder and CEO of ThyForLife, Natalia Lumen, created the mobile app as a way to give back to her community. With a growing team of 12, Lumen commented, “We’re committed to improving the lives of thyroid patients by providing accessible information and thyroid health support in your pocket.”

The latest version of the app converts lab results onto a single scale. Among the variety of different reference ranges and units across lab results, having them on one scale and graph creates a more organized and manageable system for patients. Users now have the enhanced ability to edit and update their medical information, add symptoms, and create notifications to ensure medication is regulated and administered on time – an ongoing problem for patients as referenced by the Food and Drug Administration.

“Everyone on the team is excited to see the app come to fruition after months of hard work,” says Lumen. “We’ve listened to what our beta users told us and built the first version to tackle their core pain points around tracking thyroid data.”

The arrival of ThyForLife for iOS will be coming later this year. To stay updated about future launches visit and to download the app on the Google Play store visit

For media requests and inquiries please contact Natalia Lumen at

About ThyForLife

ThyForLife is a mobile platform designed to help the more than 200M thyroid patients worldwide efficiently manage and optimize their health.

Founded by Thyroid Cancer Survivor Natalia Lumen in 2020, ThyForLife is the only platform globally focused on streamlining all of a user’s thyroid patient data into a singular location accessible via a consumer mobile app.

The ThyForLife mobile app is currently available for free download on Google Play and will be launching on iOS in the near future.


Natalia Lumen