Supercharged desktop productivity solution enables users to search and find emails, files, documents, chats, and more across all their data sources, including Teams, Google Drive and Gmail using a single command, saving hours a day.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CCPAdatadiscoveryX1®, the global leader in index-in-place data discovery software for legal, compliance, investigative and productivity purposes, today announced major new, robust features to its desktop productivity solution X1 Search. The next generation of X1 Search extends its ability to search and find the exact information needed across all the user’s data sources, now including the Microsoft Teams application, Chats and Channels, Google Drive, Gmail, and Archived Outlook mail.

With the new X1 Search version 9, powered by X1’s fast-as-you-type search capabilities, users can instantly search across all their Microsoft 365 data sources, Google Drive, Gmail, local emails, archived mail, cloud data sources and more all from within a single, simple unified interface saving hours of time every day. X1 Search streamlines the user workflow for both business and personal use by rapidly searching years’ worth of email, attachments, documents, and files all using a single search command, and finds the exact information they are looking for in under a second.

“X1 Search is my go-to, must-have search application on my desktop, pinned to my windows tray for immediate access,” said Max Underwood, long-time business and personal user from a large defense contracting firm. “Nothing even comes close to matching X1 Search’s speed and accuracy in finding what I am looking for exactly when I need it so I can get back to work, whether the source file is located on my local drive or hosted on a distant cloud via my company’s network. It’s an incredible time-saver, invaluable, way ahead of Windows Search or any other search tool I’ve seen – literally saving me hours each work week. X1 Search is essential to my day-to-day operations, and with the new ability to quickly search across all my Teams messages and accelerate my Gmail search on top of the current capabilities, the solution is even more compelling. I rely on it so much that I purchased a copy for my personal use as well – helping me sift through the craziness that is my home Gmail account for emails that matter.”

“We are extremely excited to launch the new version of X1 Search and bring several highly requested and impactful search capabilities, like Microsoft Teams search to the individual and enterprise search community,“ said Chas Meier, VP of Product at X1. “No other solution enables you to instantly search across all your applications using a single prompt and return immediate results with hit highlighting and full fidelity preview capabilities. X1 Search unlocks the ability to find information no matter where it resides whether it’s lost in your spam folder, archived in your email 10 years ago, buried in a Teams chat or recently added to your OneDrive or SharePoint. X1 Search does the work for you, faster and better than any other search tool you may find on your desktop.”

The new X1 Search version 9 capabilities, include the following benefits:

  • The ability to search through all your Microsoft Teams Chats and Channels history, including messages, attachments, emojis, reactions, and more, all from a single interface
  • Elevate your cloud data search capabilities with the new Google drive connector enabling you to search your complete Google drive history and immediately perform Post Search Actions
  • Index, search and find information in your Gmail 3 times faster with the new API-based Gmail connector
  • Patented fast-as-you-type search with built-in hit highlighting and full fidelity preview for immediate visibility into your results
  • Search across all your Outlook email, attachments, Outlook calendar, and contacts list via X1’s deep Outlook integration
  • Unified search across all your data sources to instantly search and find emails, attachments, documents, local files, and M365 data in a single search.
  • Accelerate your email workflow with M365 Archived mail search capabilities – Rapidly index years’ worth of archived Outlook email in half the time

X1 will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 17 introducing the game-changing, new solution capabilities now available with X1 Search version 9.

The X1 Search solution is available for individual purchase on the X1 website and large volume, enterprise purchase by contacting X1 at To learn more about X1 Search visit

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