:NuFi wallet integrates Flow blockchain to offer security and privacy


Flow token holders can now use NuFi’s non-custodial Ledger-compatible wallet to store and stake $FLOW. This is the first step in a 3-phase plan that will make NuFi the only wallet to offer $FLOW staking, a Flow NFT gallery, a Chrome extension with dApp connector, and – for the first time ever – secure storage for Flow NFTs using a Ledger hardware wallet.
NuFi has integrated Flow as part of its mission to become the top non-custodial wallet in the Proof-of-Stake blockchain space. This partnership expands not only NuFi’s services but also its community, and NuFi is excited to engage with Flow’s passionate and loyal supporters.
NuFi is entering the Flow ecosystem with a 3-phase plan to marry non-custodial security, privacy, and control, with convenience and functionality.
“Integrating Flow is the perfect choice for NuFi. Flow’s great potential as a blockchain and its unprecedented growth in the NFTs space can help NuFi to further establish itself as the best and most complete non-custodial multi-chain wallet on the market. NuFi’s experience as a staking validator, its NFT gallery, and the upcoming Chrome extension with dApp connector can provide a significant contribution to the Flow ecosystem and its community” said Michal Petro, NuFi’s CEO.
The first phase sees NuFi enter the Flow ecosystem to provide a wallet solution unlike anything else: non-custodial, hardware wallet-compatible $FLOW staking and storage for Flow tokens and FUSD/USDC stablecoins, alongside a well-designed NFT gallery for users to manage their Flow collectibles. NuFi is the only wallet that offers all of this functionality side by side in a single interface.
In the second phase, users will be able to connect to their favorite Flow dApps (through NuFi’s Chrome extension dApp connector) without compromising privacy or control.
The third phase is the most exciting; in partnership with Flow and Ledger, NuFi will be developing Ledger support for Flow blockchain NFTs. For the first time ever, collectors of Flow NFTs will be able to store any of their collectibles in a hardware wallet.
To support this integration, Flow awarded a grant to NuFi that will be used, not only to contribute to the Flow ecosystem, but also to add Flow NFTs support to the Ledger Firmware.
“Helping people manage their FLOW and visualize their NFTs will make NuFi a one-stop-shop for those using Flow,” said Layne LaFrance, Flow’s Product Lead. “Visualizing NFTs in wallets is especially impactful to the ecosystem”

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