All vertical farms might not be the same

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Are all vertical farms the same? Yes – and no. That’s our answer at Martian Farms.

We are under construction at our new site in Orange, N.J., a stone’s throw from New York City, with technology and knowledge that is really, really smart – and would impress everyone we know – but isn’t completely different from our peers. What is different about our mission to grow organic-quality produce using LED-light technology is our desire to connect humans and create a community around it.

“We took a look at the global landscape in vertical farming today and realized that everyone pretty much says the same thing about what can be grown, the technology they use and their ability to use less water, less land and less labor and achieve higher production,” says Amin Jadavji, our fearless leader of Martian Farms. “All true – we do use up to 99% less land, 98% less water and 80% less labor – according to our 26 years of research.”

However, he added: “The part that struck a note for us is that our messages of productivity and sustainability are not making its way to the general population – and consumers are the reason we’re doing this. Maybe we’ve all been too scientific – and not inspiring enough and definitely not enough fun.”

With that, Martian Farms landed on its new name, branding approach and little Martian-dude iconography.

“It hit us like a piece of moon rock, without the consumer being interested in our produce and caring about how we are growing it, how could this mission spread around the world like we want it to?” said Martian Farms chief strategy officer Travis Kanellos. “Let’s start with the basics. We are doing this to feed the world – and we’re doing it in an environmentally-friendly and productive way that is cost effective and less dependent on natural resources. We truly believe we can help feed the world.”

So what’s next for Martian Farms? Some space-age messaging and marketing campaigns and messaging, starting April 1st.

We are reaching for the stars.

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Brian Kukon