MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The board of directors of Aplantex is pleased to announce the nomination of Mr. Patrick Charest, B. Sc, P. Eng. as CEO of the company.

With over 25 years of experience in supporting the growth of leading private sector organizations, Patrick is a dynamic and inspiring leader with a unique ability to envision and implement successful growth strategies. Distinctively, Patrick is an engineer whose entire career has been dedicated to business development and growth-oriented activities. Strong from his long corporate experience, Patrick jumped the corporate/private fence in early 2020 to contribute to the start-up of a Calgary-based artificial intelligence and data analytics company. “Following this successful experience and now fueled by the contagious momentum of the start-up world, it was just natural to have him take the leadership of another promising start-up this one in the Biotechnology realm” underlines Mr. Mourad Sabri, Aplantex founder, and shareholder. Patrick holds a Biotechnology degree from Sherbrooke University as well as a Chemical Engineering degree from the same institution. He is currently enrolled in the Mini-MBA program at McGill University. He is a registered member of Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec.

“Sharing Aplantex’s vision of efficiently using its innovative green biotechnology process, it is with enthusiasm that I add my skills to those of the team to improve the availability of phytochemical elements essential to the production of health, beauty, and food products that have a positive impact on the well-being of people,” says Mr. Charest. “Aplantex is now in full growth mode, and we are committed at providing high-value molecules at a lower cost compared to the other production processes while simplifying the supply chain and working within ESG principles,” concludes Mr. Charest.


The Aplantex scientific team has developed a unique process for the production of certified high-value molecules that enjoy strong demand from major players in many industries. The core of this green biotechnology process for efficient and sustainable phytochemistry consists of the continuous production in a controlled environment of biomass originating from photosynthetic plant replicators. This abundant biomass is dried and the extraction, fragmentation and purification stages allow the separation of the specific molecules essential to the production of popular products in the health, beauty, and food industries.

The photosynthetic plant replicators can store up to 40% of their dry weight of atmospheric CO2 and, in Quebec, can be grown year-round in a controlled environment using sustainable hydroelectric power. With its eco-friendly process, Aplantex is thus a preferred supplier for any company looking to comply with ESG criteria.


Patrick Charest

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