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Every School Needs These 8 AI Tools

Over time, artificial intelligence has played a massive role in marketing, promotions, healthcare, and even banking. So, it’s no surprise that it has also penetrated the educational sector.

Schools need handy tools to make educational activities progress seamlessly. Even grammar-checking services have transitioned into using AI tools to deliver quality papers, so why shouldn’t schools also jump on the opportunity?

Read this article to know the eight top AI tools every school needs and why.

1.   ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer)

The pressure in the academic space can be overwhelming sometimes, as there are frequent issues like tight learning schedules, assignments to submit, and tests. Instead of the conventional Google search, students and educators can use the ChatGPT AI to quickly find information without opening too many browser tabs. And students don’t even need to type in pay someone to take my class online and search for the right service, as ChatGPT can help you with any assignment.

Even though ChatGPT is revolutionary, it doesn’t mean you should use the software to do your assignments, as you risk submitting plagiarized copies. As a better alternative, give your work to professional essay writers from specialized academic writing services to provide you with quality papers that are free from plagiarism and conform to the instructions.

2.   Gradescope

Gradescope is an AI tool to help teachers grade their student’s assignments quickly. Not only does this AI help educators with its consistent grading methods, but it also provides thorough comments on the student’s answers.

Instead of trying to keep up with all student assignments, teachers can easily upload their student’s handwritten and typed terms and arrange constructive feedback. It’s also useful for multiple choice questions as it offers proper evaluations while reviewing student work, saving valuable resources like time and energy.

3.   Grammarly

This list of AI tools can only be complete by giving due honor to the Grammarly AI tool. Grammarly is one effective tool that businesses, educators, writers, and everyone interacting with written texts use.

Grammarly allows users easy proofreading to correct spelling, punctuation, and sentence construction errors. You can easily rephrase your sentences while being comprehensible and using a consistent tone in your paper.

In addition, it can help you identify plagiarism in essays while highlighting where to fix the proper in-text citations and corresponding references according to the referencing format. With a feature-packed AI, it’s no wonder the best paper writing services that do my homework for students use Grammarly to check their essays before making final submissions.

4.   Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition

Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition is another AI tool that every school needs. Instead of taking notes, teachers can easily express themselves and take notes quickly by speaking as they think.

Also, students who have issues with writing can quickly get notes in written format since all they need to do is talk, while the AI recognizes their voices and puts words into texts. In addition, the tool quickly picks up typos and corrects them.

The biggest perk of this AI tool is that after the process, the device can easily read back the texts for you to make corrections and adjustments as needed. All you need to do is give verbal instructions, and the AI tool can help teachers dictate lesson plans and exams while also commenting on assignments and providing feedback on worksheets.

5.   Cognii

Cognii is a virtual learning assistant AI tool for schools that can enable students and educators with quality solutions to the online educational community. With Cognii, everyone in the school environment can access an affordable AI that provides intelligent coaching and a customized and individualized deep-learning approach.

It also helps educators lessen the work of grading and provide in-depth assessment and feedback to students, thereby cutting down on grading time. In return, teachers better understand each student’s educational progress while providing customized lessons to increase their chances of better learning experiences.

6.   Ivy chatbot

For some time now, chatbots have been the ideal pedagogical aids, serving as virtual business representatives to provide customer support. But they are not only for businesses. The Ivy Chat AI is an excellent tool every school must adopt.

Ivy is a virtual AI for students that can help them answer FAQs, supply relevant course materials, drop individual feedback, recommend the best research paper writing services, and evaluate and assess students’ performance. This AI tool even syncs answers and adds them to its database effortlessly.

In addition, Ivy can quickly transfer questions to a professional through its live chat feature if the answer isn’t on its database.

7.   iScanner

iScanner is an AI tool that provides educators and students with different features to scan and edit PDFs. Its simple interface provides users with various features that enable them to take digital pictures of timetables, books, ID cards, and many more.

This AI is one of the best in the industry because its OCR technology allows students to review documents and make alterations without compromising quality. Also, users can easily highlight and annotate a document while studying.

8.   Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is an AI tool that can help transcribe audio, whether recorded on the app or imported from local storage. The AI also recognizes voice prompts and transcribes them into texts.

One fantastic feature of the AI tool is that you can modify the texts and collaborate if needed. So, instead of typing notes in the classroom, instructors can easily use AI to convert speeches into brilliant texts you can share.

You can take images and have them appear alongside your transcripts while you play back the recording. It has a folder system that allows you to search for audio files. You can sync all changes to various apps like Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Microsoft Calendar & Contacts.


AI has come a long way in this technological era, and schools must learn to use its available tools. ChatGPT, Gradescope, Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition, Cognii, Ivy Chatbot, Grammarly, iScanner, and Otter Voice Meeting Notes are just some tools every school needs.

By incorporating all these tools into the school environment, there will be a smooth flow of academic activities that provide all parties with opportunities for better productivity.

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