JEFFERSON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3DMammogram–A pioneering, state-of-the-art radiology center in New Jersey has officially announced its opening date to the public this month.

Set to improve and redefine the medical diagnostic imaging experience for its patients, the new ImageCare Radiology location in Jefferson was launched on September 1, 2022 and will provide the most advanced medical diagnostic imaging to date.

Launching initially with their newly-introduced 10-minute 3T MRI scans, those working at the radiology center are excited to be offering patients the fastest medical scans on the market, along with other useful and innovative services that are beyond anything they have been able to offer patients before.

“We’ll soon be launching a number of new image and radiology services, but in particular, the introduction of 10-minute MRI scans will be groundbreaking,” said Dr. Clay Hinrichs, President of ImageCare Radiology. “Not only will our patients continue to receive the highest possible service and advanced diagnostic imaging, but they will also be able to take advantage of the fastest 3T scans available. This is useful in many ways, but particularly for patients that are children, are claustrophobic, or living with disabilities. It’s going to make them feel much more comfortable knowing they can still receive detailed and advanced image quality, but will take much less time.”

“Many people have previously avoided such scans due to feeling uneasy about tight spaces or being uncomfortable about remaining still for long periods of time, which isn’t ideal because we want to ensure our patients get the best possible service and early diagnosis. Now though, patients no longer need to worry about this and can now also receive accurate imaging within a shorter timeframe,” added Dr. Hinrichs.

Alongside the initial 3T MRI scans, the site will also offer the highest resolution of Siemens PET/CT Scans, sedation services with anesthesiologists for all modalities, and Nuclear Medicine – offering bone scans, thyroid function tests, HIDA scans, renal scans and tumor workups. The center is also expected to launch an interventional suite, which will offer lower cost outpatient solutions for procedures including nephrostomy tubes, peripheral vascular studies, MediPorts for cancer therapy, tumor embolizations, and vertebroplasty for spinal fractures.

Dr. Clay Hinrichs said that each of the services will be launched gradually, but patient experience will be improved from the very first day of its opening.

He concluded, “Following the initial launch of our 10-minute 3T MRI scans, we will also offer mammography, ultrasound with Echocardiography, and X-rays. We will have the first full-service non-hospital nuclear scanner in Northern NJ , and be able to offer lower cost outpatient solutions with our interventional suite. We’re proud to say that our mammograms will be ‘PINK Better Mammo’ with Artificial Intelligence, which is the first FDA approved AI Technology for improved breast cancer detection. We’re also excited for our future opening of CT/PET scanners and sedation for all our services, which is expected to be available to everyone by the end of summer.”

Patients looking to book appointments can use the new services starting September 1.

Notes to Editors

ImageCare Radiology has centers conveniently located throughout North and Central New Jersey in Bergen, Essex, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren Counties.

ImageCare is committed to providing the most advanced medical diagnostic imaging to their patients, working to ensure everyone who uses their services are comfortable and at ease. Only recruiting caring and compassionate staff members, and skilled radiologists, they are renowned for their state-of the-art Radiology services including Open and Closed MRIs, Sedation MRIs, Ultrasounds, X-rays, DEXA Bone Density Scans, 3D Mammograms with Artificial Intelligence, Pediatric Radiology, Nuclear Imaging, PET/CT Scans, and Interventional Radiology.

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