Rabobank and OFX invest in spin-off venture: TreasurUp
  • TreasurUp completes series A funding round led by OFX and Rabobank

  • Australian cross border payments specialist OFX, Rabobank, TreasurUp management and engineering partner COERA invest in spin-off structure

  • TreasurUp aims to become the leader in online treasury solutions for banks globally


Rabobank’s TreasurUp venture will spin-off through a series A funding round together with Australian listed cross border payments specialist OFX whilst Rabobank will remain as shareholder. Next to these major shareholders, management and TreasurUp’s engineering partner COERA will co-invest.

The spin-off allows TreasurUp to accelerate as an online treasury service provider for banks.

“Banks around the world are challenged with new business models and technology for small and medium-sized corporate clients. TreasurUp aims to bring them back into the competitive arena with online services that are completely designed around SMEs. In order to do so, TreasurUp will expand its unique online foreign exchange hedging module but also develop new modules like liquidity management and cash flow forecasting. As a company TreasurUp can be much more competitive than under the umbrella of a bank.” says Niels van Daatselaar, CEO and co-founder. “We are very proud to have OFX and Rabobank as major investors. OFX offers cross border payment solutions around the world. Their products, their platform, their service excellence, and their global presence will help boost TreasurUp’s ambitions. Likewise, we will continue to closely work with Rabobank in optimizing its service offering to business clients.”

Skander Malcolm, CEO of OFX said: “OFX is delighted to announce its first strategic investment. We believe OFX and TreasurUp have a lot of potential in helping clients around the world with superior risk management, payments, and reporting solutions. We are excited to start leveraging each other’s strengths in the areas of digital service delivery, risk management, and global coverage for SMEs, especially mid-sized Corporates. TreasurUp has a strong team, a good track record and thought leadership in automating and simplifying risk management, and we have very aligned views on how we can better support clients through simplifying and improving their risk management.”

The Head of Innovation of Rabobank (Wholesale & Rural), Roland van der Vorst adds: “We are excited to announce this successful spin-off that started as innovation project within Rabobank in 2016. TreasurUp has proven its added value for our clients and beyond, now paving the way to team up with OFX in order to boost innovation and expansion. We treasure the cooperation with TreasurUp on innovative solutions for our clients.”

In the coming years TreasurUp will focus on expansion outside Europe and the development of new treasury modules and services for banks. OFX is excited to support TreasurUp to offer banks both a state-of-art front-end and a proven platform for cross border payments and risk management.

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