Business decisions are made in real time, however, no technology currently available can come close to providing end-to-end data intelligence at this speed for financial companies’ middle- and back-offices. When up-to-date post-trade knowledge isn’t available, poor decisions are inevitably made and money is consequently lost. The status-quo, however, is set to change.
For the first time, true business insight for financial institutions is possible with the launch of Adnitio Insight and its powerful, easy-to-use, real-time data visualisation and analysis platform. Adnitio’s radical new approach to data hinges on one question: what could you do if you had a complete, real-time view of your entire business flows? To start, you can increase revenues and operational resilience, proactively manage risk, do trend analysis and much more, all by having real-time business intelligence at your fingertips.
This approach breaks the dam that is keeping data confined to lakes or swamps, and instead allows data to flow freely: increasing visibility and allowing for capture and aggregation without any impact on underlying systems.
Key benefits of using Adnitio Insight include:
  • Increased revenues with real-time insights into risk, transaction failures, customer behaviour.
  • Achieve operational resilience with end-to-end visibility, data lineage and real time alerts.
  • Simplify and accelerate the resolution process and significantly decrease the number of settlement and payment failures with a real-time intra-day reconciliation by exception approach.
  • Zero impact on systems processing speed or capacity.
  • Rolled out across business flows in days, not weeks.
Nick Gordon, CEO of Adnitio, said: “We call our technology ‘Insight’ for a good reason: we are bringing a truly unique capability to the sector. No other provider in post-trade is capable of providing financial institutions with the competitive advantage we can. The ability to have an end-to-end view of every business event across your complex middle- to back-office data flows in real time gives power to the business to overhaul processes and services as needed. Providing in-depth data context leads to truly proactive risk management, increased revenue and better customer service, all of which give the business enormous advantages and massively reduce reconciliation requirements. Put simply, you don’t know what you’re missing until you see what’s possible.”
Before Insight, the financial sector has only been able to assess post-trade data after the fact (often a long time after the event), leading to lost opportunities, sub-optimal risk management and a lack of internal transparency. In effect, the business has only been able to move at the speed of its technology. Through Adnitio’s powerful business intelligence tool, businesses finally have access to a real time, easy to use system that provides the all-important content and context of the data without impact on any system. For the first time, businesses can truly see their data in motion.
What could you do if you had a complete, real-time view of your entire business flows? Simply put, you can accelerate reaching your full business potential.

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