Rocket Matter with ChatGPT integration allows users to access ChatGPT for content generation, legal document review and more, right within the Rocket Matter platform

BOCA RATON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIRocket Matter, a leading provider of legal practice management software, today announced Rocket Matter with ChatGPT integration, its new artificial intelligence initiative, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT platform, to help law firms streamline labor intensive workflows.

Rocket Matter users will, for starters, be able to leverage Rocket Matter with ChatGPT integration on every page in the application, helping attorneys draft copy and summarize information without a separate ChatGPT license or having to leave their practice management tool. In later releases, the pioneering cloud practice management platform will use Rocket Matter with ChatGPT integration to glean new insights from its powerful Business Intelligence feature.

“By adding AI into Rocket Matter, we’re giving law firms from the solo practitioner to the enterprise a second brain to help them get their jobs done in an effective, efficient way,” said Kelley Castell, CEO of ProfitSolv, parent company of Rocket Matter. “We want legal professionals to be able to leverage these exciting new technologies in real, helpful ways, and now that we’ve laid the foundation, we look forward to incorporating exciting new tools to come.”

Rocket Matter with ChatGPT integration, similar to previous digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, will continue to add capabilities as the technology matures and the company’s product designers, in concert with user feedback, invent new ways to leverage the language models. Rocket Matter plans ongoing releases incorporating AI developments to help users perform everything from extracting information from documents to designing reports, to quickly finding help and support information from product documentation.

Advances in AI, with the ability to digest large amounts of information and create compelling text, offer massive efficiency boosts for legal services. By putting the power of ChatGPT directly in front of the legal professional in highly contextual ways, Rocket Matter aims to deliver those efficiencies directly into the hands of its users.

About Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter helps law firms offer better client service and increase revenues by more than 20%. As a leading innovator in the legal software industry, the company was the first cloud-based legal practice management software on the market and landed its first client in 2007. It has been a leader ever since and continues to trailblaze by integrating AI within its legal cloud software. When law firms want to make more money, go paperless, or increase confidence in their trust accounting, Rocket Matter helps them achieve those goals. With award-winning customer service based in the United States, it’s no wonder thousands of law firms swear by Rocket Matter.

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