Sanction Scanner

The compliance processes are very troublesome for companies working in the financial field. Accessing the different sanctions lists of each country, setting up the structure to question them, integrating them with your system and keeping this structure up-to-date are never as easy as it seems. The technology is an AI-driven compliance software that monitors 1000+ sanction lists from 200+countries, reports and transmits the data to its customers with easy-tounderstand notifications, and enables querying via web screens and API. Firms can present these reports as GDPR compliant evidence in audit processes.

Sanction Scanner, which also allows you to query Politically Exposed Person, comes into prominence with features like API integration support, querying via web screens, multi-user creation. You can query with individual or company informations. At the same time it allows you to make an inquiry with the passport number and local identity numbers. The technology has special search algorithms that allows you to match correctly despite missing or incorrect information. Sanction Scanner keeps sanctions and pep lists always up to date. It allows you to create and manage your own blacklists on the application via screens and available APIs.

Sanction scanner, which allows you to get your search results as reports, can also provide GDPR compliant proofs through the application in order to provide evidence to financial institutions for possible audits and controls.

Sanction Scanner, which already has API support and a Developer Portal for developers and is used in many business lines, is used by banks, money transfer companies, crypto exchanges, fintechs, investment companies, insurance companies, investment firms and multi-national corporates.

Fatih Coskun, Founder & CEO

Fatih Coskun, founder and CEO of Sanction Scanner, said that 3-4% of the global GDP was money laundered through the financial system and this could not be determined. He added that Artificial intelligence is used in the fight against financial crimes and that the compliance processes of the companies will be realized more easily and quickly with Sanction Scanner. They want to increase the number of customers abroad and take steps towards this, while strengthening Sanction Scanner with new features.

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