Sapio Jarvis Unites Disparate Lab Data and Fuses it with Scientific Context to Accelerate Drug Pipelines Using Built-In Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

BALTIMORE, M.D.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#elnSapio Sciences, the science-aware™ lab informatics platform, today announced the release of Sapio Jarvis. This revolutionary scientific data cloud empowers scientists to fully capitalize on research, development, and clinical data, organizations’ most precious resources. Jarvis cements Sapio’s first-ever lab triple-play solution, delivering LIMS, ELN, and enterprise scientific data management capabilities in a single, no-code platform.

Modern R&D produces unprecedented volumes of data. R&D informatics systems, specifically tools like electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS), have proliferated in many organizations. When different teams select different systems to serve their scientists, data gets fragmented into isolated silos that are difficult for scientists to access, challenging to unify in findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) ways; and impossible to successfully exploit with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

“Lab automation, the pace and scale of modern research and clinical work, and advances in clinical data science and AI have created an opportunity—a bounty of enterprise-wide lab data to accelerate the drug pipeline and fuel in silico analysis. It is now critical to ensure that all scientists can directly access all relevant data, wherever it resides across the enterprise,” said Kevin Cramer, president and CEO of Sapio Sciences.

Sapio Jarvis is a scientific data cloud that unifies data by seamlessly connecting and harmonizing raw instrument and system data with vital experimental context about samples and specimens. The low-code, no-code platform easily expands to track any data stored in any application, anywhere in an organization. Most importantly, Jarvis is science-aware™ and includes easy-to-use tools for searching, viewing, and analyzing all of an organization’s scientific data in ways that make sense for scientists. An easily navigable knowledge graph and configurable dashboards empower scientists to explore complex datasets, make scientific and business decisions, and feed advanced AI/ML models.

“Jarvis automates the processing of data from scientific instruments and syncs data into the applications scientists use,” said Cramer. “More importantly, it provides a single hub for all the work scientists have to do—a one-stop-shop for accessing, searching, visualizing, and analyzing data with scientific context.”

Jarvis can gather and unify data from more than 200 instruments and leading ELN and LIMS brands. It then provides a single, seamless scientific data experience across them all. While Jarvis is part of Sapio’s “triple-play” offering (LIMS, ELN and Scientific Data Cloud), it may be licensed and used as a standalone product.

To learn more about Jarvis and download a white paper on the system, visit the Sapio Jarvis landing page.

About Sapio Sciences

Sapio Sciences’ mission is to improve life in the lab – because science is complex, Sapio makes technology simple. Sapio is a global business offering an all-in-one science-aware™ lab informatics platform combining cloud-based LIMS, ELN, and Jarvis data solutions.

Sapio serves some of the largest global and niche brands, including biopharma, CROs and clinical diagnostic labs across NGS genomic sequencing, bioanalysis, bioprocessing, stability, clinical, histopathology, drug research, and in vivo studies.

Customers love Sapio’s platform because it is robust, scalable, and with no-code configuration, can quickly adapt to meet unique needs. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn here.


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