ScaleFactor Unveils Visa Card for SMBs,

Fully-integrated, customizable ScaleFactor Visa Card gives small business owners unmatched speed and control overspending.

  • On heels of closing $100 million in funding, ScaleFactor expands its product suite to include Visa card offering for small businesses

  • Card product natively integrates with ScaleFactor platform to arm SMBs with near real-time visibility into business spending

  • Enables business owners to customize an expense management system that best fits their business processes for increased speed and control

ScaleFactor, the automated accounting and finance platform for small business, today announced the launch of the ScaleFactor Visa Card, a corporate card that empowers business owners with greater speed and control over how they manage spending. The fully-integrated, customizable card product enables entrepreneurs to tailor their expense management workflow – including how they issue and utilize cards across employee and digital accounts – to match their evolving business requirements.

The addition of the card features to ScaleFactor’s existing platform – which includes bookkeeping, bill pay, payroll and tax products – signals the company’s expansion beyond routine back-office automation into a more comprehensive set of financial insight solutions for small business.

“Many small business owners are forced to adopt an inefficient patchwork of multiple cards and systems to manage their spending, resulting in delayed or incomplete pictures of their financial position,” said Kurt Rathmann, Founder and CEO of ScaleFactor. “Because the ScaleFactor Visa Card is natively integrated with our accounting and finance platform, entrepreneurs gain access to a more robust and intelligent snapshot of their financial situation, coupled with increased control over when and how they pay their bills.”

The ScaleFactor Visa Card is issued by WebBank, a leader in digital lending.

“At WebBank, we work with strategic platforms that are developing innovative technologies to make financial services more accessible to the general public,” said Jason Lloyd, EVP of Strategy and Business Development at WebBank. “ScaleFactor is a prime example of such a company. Their commitment to empowering business owners with greater intelligence and control provides crucial support for this important and often-overlooked market.”

ScaleFactor Visa Card Empowers SMBs, VSBs to Customize Expense Management

The ScaleFactor Visa Card was designed for the unique needs of SMBs and very small businesses (VSBs) who need faster, more flexible spend management controls. The ScaleFactor Visa’s unique usability features include:

  • Fully-integrated with ScaleFactor platform: The corporate card links directly to ScaleFactor’s accounting books and records, eliminating the need to download and sync card and spending reports across systems;
  • Unlimited card creation: Users can issue physical, digital or temporary cards at the touch of a button;
  • Specify spending limits by vendor: Users can assign unique virtual cards to online accounts with controlled spending limits;
  • Added layer of protection: Freeze or cancel individual cards without affecting spending across the rest of the active accounts;
  • Simplified expense reporting and verification: Easy receipt capture and expense documentation enables employees to upload receipts and business owners to verify spending via the mobile app.

Attractive Card Terms Designed with SMBs and VSBs in Mind

The ScaleFactor card terms are also designed to meet the needs of small business entrepreneurs seeking simple, hassle-free card options:

  • Completely free to use with on-time payments: No annual fees. No interest. No fees for additional employee cards.
  • No link to personal credit score: Protects entrepreneurs and their families from risk by decoupling personal credit scores from business use of the card.
  • Rewards on all purchases: Businesses receive 1% cash back on all purchases each month.

The ScaleFactor Visa Card announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent $60 million in series C funding, taking their funding amount to $100 million raised over the past 12 months.

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