Plans include seven new global regions, archival storage service, and service marketplace

FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SeagateTechnology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in mass-data storage infrastructure solutions, today announced its extensive plan to expand Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud regions and offerings including Lyve Cloud Archive storage service and Lyve Cloud Marketplace. The expansion reinforces the company’s commitment to solving today’s data complexity challenges and serving the mass data ecosystems with the object storage service designed for multicloud freedom.

The expansion plan includes new Seagate Lyve Cloud regions in Oklahoma City, Washington DC, and Dallas in the United States (U.S.), as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, India, and Japan. The new regions will complement the company’s existing Lyve Cloud presence in the U.S. and Singapore, for a total of 10 regions with 16 availability zones.

The company is also rolling out Lyve Cloud Marketplace, a one-stop shop for Seagate Lyve Cloud validated partner solutions. Lyve Cloud Marketplace will enable customers to purchase tailored solutions from Seagate Lyve Cloud partners and enjoy an integrated procurement and billing process from a single platform.

Additionally, Seagate is launching Lyve Cloud Archive, a unique and independent cloud storage service that delivers breakthrough total cost of ownership (TCO) without complex data management tiering or hidden fees. Seagate Lyve Cloud Archive provides TCO advantages with uncompromised features of Seagate’s flagship Lyve Cloud object storage service to support data security, mobility and durability. The archival-only cloud storage is ideal for large-scale video and image repositories, secondary data sets, backup copies and any data that lives outside of an analytics or transaction-intensive workflow.

As part of the expansion, Seagate is also working to secure Health Information Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance certification in the U.S. Certification will allow the company to extend Seagate Lyve Cloud service to the healthcare industry and medical service providers who must follow stringent data privacy and compliance requirements.

“To better serve customers’ data management challenges, we are expanding the cloud regions, increasing data accessibility at metro edges, and offering Lyve Cloud Archive with predictable and compelling cloud economics for customers’ mass data growth,” said Ravi Naik, executive vice president of storage services and CIO at Seagate. “Lyve Cloud Marketplace bolsters our offerings by making it easy to find and shop partner applications that integrate with Seagate Lyve Cloud. We are looking forward to growing the marketplace with more partners to come.”

Seagate Lyve Cloud is built to enable multicloud freedom, allowing the customers to retain full control of their data while lowering the cloud TCO for storing, accessing and moving massive data sets. It is vendor-agnostic, providing frictionless cloud capabilities with simplicity, flexibility and cost predictability. For more information about Seagate Lyve Cloud and use cases, please visit

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