When asked to picture a typical Jeep, most of us default to one of the classic SUV models — perhaps an adventurous Wrangler or a polished Grand Cherokee. Likewise, when asked to picture a pickup truck, most of us would not envision a Jeep right away.

This is part of what makes the Jeep Gladiator so fun — it defies expectations for the brand by combining the sensibilities of a truck with the look and feel of a Jeep SUV. Many drivers view the Gladiator as a “best of both worlds” situation. There are many noteworthy and cool things about the Jeep Gladiator; here are just six that come to mind.

  1. Think Wrangler + Pickup Bed

The Wrangler’s cargo space is not too shabby, but there’s no denying a pickup bed is the ultimate in convenience for hauling goodies. A five-foot bed can haul a lot of, well, whatever — bikes, camping gear, yardwork supplies, etc. As Autotrader­ specifies, the Gladiator can tow up to 7,650 pounds and handle a payload of up to 1,600 pounds. So, although it shares many of the design cues of the Wrangler, it does allow drivers to haul their gear more flexibly.

  1. You Can Still Enjoy the Open Air

Remember how we mentioned the Gladiator sharing many of the design attributes of the Wrangler? If you yearn to feel the wind in your hair, you can still take the top, sides and windshields off for the full open-air experience behind the wheel of the Jeep Gladiator.

  1. The Gladiator Can Handle Off-Road Adventures

Want to hit the trails in your truck? The Gladiator clears the ground by 10 inches, or 11 for drivers who opt for the Rubicon model. Auto Trends Magazine writes that the model’s “stout clearances” make it superior to small pickup trucks from other manufacturers.

  1. You Can Expect a Smooth Ride

For all the Wrangler’s versatility, good looks and off-roading capability, it’s not exactly known for giving the smoothest of rides — unless you upgrade the suspension, at least. But the general consensus about the Gladiator is that its suspension facilitates a smoother and more comfortable ride for the passengers within. Some reviewers from even compared the quality of the ride to that you’d find inside a luxury vehicle like a Lexus.

  1. You Can Go on an “Easter Egg” Hunt

Part of the fun of owning a Jeep is being part of the club. This manufacturer tends to hide little reminders all over and the Gladiator is no exception.

Business Insider breaks down a few of the easter eggs drivers can collect, such as:

  • Willys MB drawings on the windshield and wheels
  • Engravings of flip flops and area code 419 on the exterior
  • Steering wheel design harkening back to the 1940s
  1. The Rubicon Trim Level Is Available

Hardcore Jeep enthusiasts often want the best of the best, which on the Wrangler has been represented by the Rubicon trim level with features equipping the SUV for maximum all-terrain drives. The Gladiator similarly offers this trim level, complete with higher ground clearance, electronic locking differentials in the front and back, rock rails for extra protection and special shocks, especially to facilitate off-road expeditions.

Like we said earlier, this is just the start of describing what makes the Jeep Gladiator truck so fun to own and drive. At its heart, it captures the beloved essence of the Jeep while delivering a few exciting extras — like its pickup bed. All-terrain drivers in particular will appreciate the performance touches found on this model, while any driver or passenger can appreciate the recognizable design cues.



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