StockRepublic and Enfuce join forces to provide revolutionary open banking investment application


Swedish open investment platform StockRepublic and one of Europe’s leading fintechs Enfuce partnered up this year to provide a trailblazing fund and stock solution for established financial  institutions. 

Banks hold consumers’ trust when it comes to keeping money safe, but they have historically  struggled with serving growth-oriented, digital-savvy retail investors. Ignoring the need of this  segment for intuitive investment services available 24/7 means billions lost in fund management  fees over the coming years and overall lower customer satisfaction. 

How can financial institutions appeal to the growing young, digital-first audience? Open Banking  creates an unprecedented opportunity for banks to bridge the gap between the traditional  banking services that heavily rely on in-person sales and the technology demands of a modern  retail investor. 

Stockholm-based StockRepublic is now offering a scalable white-label open investing  application that allows consumers to access peer-to-peer investment guidance from star  investors in real-time. Implementing this app enables banks to quickly launch an innovative product that will help them remain relevant in today’s competitive financial industry landscape  rife with neobank competition. 

Enabled by the premium APIs by Enfuce, StockRepublic was able to develop a fully compliant  and secure application that helps players within the banking sector embrace the new  opportunities opened by Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). Together, the two fintech  partners form a strong offer to banks and financial institutions worldwide. 

Ultimately, the StockRepublic platform powered by Enfuce boosts engagement among  consumers holding stocks, funds or other investments, dramatically increasing the transaction  volumes per customer and hence directly contributes to the bottom line. Through the platform,  they can share, follow, analyze, and benchmark portfolios in real time. 

“This is in my mind a perfect match and we really look forward to working with an industry leader  like Enfuce to implement this application for banks. The infrastructure and technology Enfuce  provides make life a lot easier for both us and banks that want to step up and offer the next  generation of competitive and innovative solutions’’, said Fabian Grapengiesser, CEO of  StockRepublic.  

Both fintech partners are on a mission of helping end users make more sustainable choices. In  November 2019, Enfuce announced their new sustainability service My Carbon Action that  calculates the CO2 emissions of every purchase and helps customers take sustainable actions.  Similarly, StockRepublic’s Climate Impact Rating function calculates the carbon footprint of a  customer investment account and gives benchmarks and suggestions on how to improve.   

”We’re very happy to enter into this collaboration with StockRepublic that will help banks offer  value-adding services to their customers. StockRepublic is an innovator within its field and the  investment platform is a great example of the next-generation solutions that can emerge from  the PSD2 regulation, “ said Monika Liikamaa, Co-Founder & CEO of Enfuce. 

The open investment platform is now available for banks and financial institutions in Europe. 

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