Supernovae Labs announces partnership agreement with Kore Labs


Supernovae Labs officially announces its new business partnership with Kore  Labs. Regulated financial institutions use Kore’s award-winning Product Management-as-a-Service solution to lower risk, facilitate compliance, increase  efficiency and reduce costs throughout the financial product lifecycle. Kore ensures that all of the controls and monitoring required to comply with the  POG (Product Oversight and Governance) regulation are in place, and that a  robust digital audit trail is maintained throughout the life cycle of a product. 
“We chose Kore Labs because it is a market leader offering an efficient plug and play solution, already adopted by the main Italian banking and insurance institutions, and recognised for achieving tangible results within just a few  weeks,” said Carlo Giugovaz, CEO and Founder of Supernovae Labs. 
Sabrina Del Prete, CEO and Founder at Kore said, “Italy is a very important  region for Kore, and home to our first significant client – one of the largest  banking group in Europe. Supernovae Labs is deeply immersed in the Italian  financial services sector and has fostered productive relationships with all of the leading financial institutions. Our collaboration will bring industry-first  innovation in product governance to Supernovae Labs’ network and it will  support Kore’s ambitious plans for growth into the future.” 
Supernovae Labs is a boutique consultancy specialised in facilitating the  innovation of financial institutions by exploiting the opportunities offered by  FinTech, based in Milan. 
Guided by an Open Innovation approach, it offers an integrated range of  services and operates as a bridge between emerging start-ups and established  financial and insurance institutions, creating benefits for all partners involved.
Thanks to its international team, with many years of experience in the financial  sector, Supernovae Labs supports the best innovative players on the market,  helping them to achieve their marketing and sales objectives, creating value  solutions tailored to the specific needs of each partner. 
With its independent and proprietary ecosystem of over 50 FinTechs, the  boutique has a rich portfolio of diverse solutions ranging from Artificial  Intelligence to Legal & Compliance, from Conversational Commerce to Data  Monetisation and also offers exclusive access to over 1,000 Italian decision  makers in the banking and insurance sectors. 
Kore Labs is a leading multi-national FinTech innovation company, winner of  two Innovate UK government grants in 2019 and 2021, and winner of the  Investment Association Engine Accelerator initiative in 2022. Kore is dedicated  to simplifying and assuring financial product governance, giving users the  clarity to make safe decisions, with an audit trail that can be evidenced to  regulators quickly and easily. 


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