• Technica’s breakthrough strategies deliver consistent value for technology, energy, and transportation startups
  • Leading climate tech PR firm frequently tapped to promote industry firsts in electric vehicles and hydrogen transportation
  • Agency to host workshop series to help propel cleantech startups into the media landscape

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As cleantech expands, more generalist PR firms are entering the space. However, specialist agencies have the essential industry connections and domain expertise to help startups garner critical media attention. Veteran cleantech PR firm Technica Communications is marking 15 years of success connecting cleantech companies with journalists and influencers to report on their industries. The past 15 years have included the promotion of several first-of-their-kind technology advancements in zero-emission transportation, supporting multiple clients through successful acquisitions and public listings, including one that culminated in a White House press briefing. Such breakthrough communication services have been distinguished with multiple awards, including the PRNews Agency Elite Top 100 (2024), PR Platinum Campaign of the Year 2023, PRNEWS Social Impact Award (2022), and more.

In celebration of 15 years of service to the cleantech, sustainability, and renewable energy industries, Technica will kick off a series of virtual workshops to support entrepreneurs, their advisors, and investors to make the most of their marketing and PR initiatives in the ever-evolving media landscape. The first workshop, Powering Sales with Customer-Focused Messaging, will take place on April 11 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific. Learn more and register here.

Technica’s real-world results are proof positive how the agency consistently increases the sales success of businesses operating in the energy transition and supports the journalistic community with newsworthy content.

“We’re the liaisons between the stories journalists are under intense pressure to produce in shorter periods of time, and the companies looking for the exposure that helps them get their next round of investment, or that next big customer,” explained Technica Founder and CEO Lisa Ann Pinkerton. “In a world cluttered with information, companies who stand out make their sales and milestones. At Technica, we dedicate our time to ensuring the media exposure companies receive propels their business forward.”

The combination of these values has resulted in features in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Business Insider, MIT Technology Review, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Reuters, USA Today, Canary Media, Car & Driver, and more. In addition to consistent media coverage, Technica also helped promote many cleantech tech firsts: the first flights of hydrogen-powered aircraft with ZeroAvia, the first all-electric school bus and garbage truck with Motiv Power Systems, and the first all-electric mobile medical lab and mobile preschool with Winnebago to name a few.

“We partnered with Technica to coordinate the launch of our Xpanse Solar Awning for the RV market,” said Rohini Raghunathan, Founder and CEO of Xponent. “By the end of the campaign, we had secured $1 million in customer pre-orders and entered into discussions with several RV OEMs and auto dealerships. We were so pleased with the results of our launch campaign that we decided to work with Technica again to plan and facilitate a social media influencer trip to leverage our momentum further.”

“For clean tech businesses growing from seed to scale-up, Technica provides invaluable proactive support, strong contacts and strategic advice. From ZeroAvia’s launch to investor announcements to major tech milestones, Technica offered top-level advice from 2019 to 2023 to advantageously align company developments with key audiences’ interests,” explained ZeroAvia Founder and CEO Val Miftakhov. “The firm helped us demonstrate our wins in terms that the aviation industry, the investor community, and the general public could understand. It was an easy choice for me to work with Technica as a founder given the support they had already provided to me in my previous start-up, eMotorWerks.”

Technica has also supported several clients through or up to acquisitions and public listings, including Albeo Technologies, AMPLY Power, Tigo Energy, EV Connect, and Tritium, whose 2021 SPAC, subsequent public listing, and US manufacturing facility announcement resulted in a White House press briefing where Tritium CEO Jane Hunter shared the stage with President Joe Biden. Some of these client relationships span several years, speaking to the quality of Technica’s results-driven services.

Pinkerton founded Technica in 2009 after spending over a decade reporting as an environmental science reporter for NPR and PBS. A firm founded on journalistic principles, today, 62% of the company’s team members have newsroom experience.

“When a PR firm keeps its focus on a single sector, such as Technica and a sustainable future, the knowledge it holds has deep, firm roots that can be applied to new technology innovations as they are developed, such as blockchain and AI,” continued Pinkerton. “Frequently, new clients are surprised to learn we already understand the basics of their technology or can speak to what’s worked for companies in the past that they can build on. Not to mention the legacy of our reporter relationships. We picked the cleantech sector back in 2009 as our primary focus because it was my passion, and it was as clear to me then as it is now – that these innovations are the future and they deserve to be seen and adopted.”

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About Technica Communications

Founded in 2009, Technica Communications is an award-winning, specialty public relations firm supporting breakthrough cleantech companies dedicated to halting the climate crisis. With a steadfast commitment to building sustainability, transportation and energy transition startups by dedicating itself to journalistic principles and scientific expertise, Technica leverages deep knowledge and essential contacts to deliver top-quality results in challenging sectors. Technica’s domain expertise encompasses aviation, AI, blockchain, hydrogen, electric vehicles, e-mobility, and charging, solar and energy storage, smart grid, low-carbon cement, transportation, and more. Technica has won several distinguished awards over the years, including being named to the PRNews Agency Elite Top 100 (2024), PR Platinum Campaign of the Year 2023, the PRNEWS Social Impact Award (2022), a Gold award in the 2022 Bulldog Awards in the Crisis Communications category, and more.

For more information, visit https://www.technica.inc.


Sarah Malpeli