Creative Solutions, the largest skilled nursing operator in Texas, expands by 19 facilities without expanding AR team using CoreCare’s automation technology

Calls benefits of CoreCare “astonishing”

FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CoreCare, the company delivering innovation to healthcare payments through intelligent automation, announced today that Creative Solutions in Healthcare, the largest Skilled Nursing Operator in Texas, was able to grow their operations by 19 facilities – during the pandemic – without hiring any additional accounts receivable (AR) staff, using CoreCare’s technology platform.

“The continued benefits of using CoreCare are nothing short of astonishing,” said Gary Blake, president, and co-founder of Creative Solutions in Healthcare. “Never before would I have imagined I’d be able to expand my operations without having to add additional AR staff to ensure timely reimbursement. With CoreCare, it’s as if one team member suddenly becomes as productive as two! Every healthcare provider that wants to grow smart should work with CoreCare.”

The need for timely reimbursement is more important than it has ever been for operators in the post-acute and long-term care world. With even a 5% claim denial rate, operators can be losing over $120,000 per facility per year in write-offs.

“We’re thrilled with the performance improvements we’ve enabled for Gary and his team at Creative Solutions,” said Mehrdad Shafaie, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of CoreCare. “It’s no secret that most of an AR team’s day is spent on manual and repetitive processes that do not provide value, but instead hinder it. With CoreCare, we were able to automate the busy work of the revenue cycle so that Gary’s team could focus on the knowledge work that delivers results. The magnitude of those results speaks for itself.”

CoreCare’s technology is available for use on a subscription basis by healthcare providers. Integrations with all major EMRs like PCC, AHT and Matrix are enabled, and system setup time is only 30 – 45 days.

In addition to Skilled Nursing, CoreCare has recently expanded to enable payment automation for Home Health providers as well.

About CoreCare

CoreCare is a healthcare technology company building data management and workflow automation tools, with the goal of automating the complexity of the healthcare revenue cycle. By ensuring data accuracy, and automating repetitive and error-prone administrative work, CoreCare is enabling the healthcare industry to deliver higher quality care to patients, at a lower cost. For more information, please visit

About Creative Solutions in Healthcare

Gary and Malisa Blake co-founded Creative Solutions in Healthcare in the year 2000. The company now owns and operates over 100 facilities around Texas that offer several senior living options. Each Skilled Nursing Facility offers the high quality care that its residents deserve, and each Assisted Living Facility offers seniors an unparalleled experience.


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