HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On August 6, 18:30 (UTC+8), the official website of ViaBTC Capital, ViaBTC’s new subsidiary, went live, which also marked the official establishment of the newly initiated platform. At the same time, soon as it was incorporated, ViaBTC Capital has launched its first round of venture capital funds towards the global crypto industry, committed to building an investment ecosystem integrating capital, resources and post-investment services.

After Five Years of Practice, We Focus on Becoming the Infrastructure Provider for the Blockchain Industry

Founded in May 2016, ViaBTC Group is an innovative technology company with rich experience in technology development and global operation in the blockchain field. In order to better focus on the development of the blockchain industry and the incubation of the star projects in the crypto world, the group incorporates global resources to establish a wholly-owned investment brand – ViaBTC Capital.

Over the past five years, ViaBTC Group has closely kept up with the constantly upgrading industry, while continuously constructing and improving its ecosystem layout to integrate functions including cryptocurrency issuance, circulation, application, value discovery, and the underlying technical architecture of the blockchain into its system. With its own technical strength, ViaBTC Group has always adhered to its motto of “making the world a better place through the blockchain.” And today, it has become a trustworthy blockchain company with four core parts of the business: ViaBTC Pool, CoinEx Exchange, ViaWallet and CoinEx Smart Chain.

On the technical side, ViaBTC Group has built an elite team packed with experienced and mature professionals to offer technical guidance for ViaBTC Capital’s clients. Group founder Haipo Yang, also the team leader, boasts profound technical strength and industry experience, and has independently completed the development and deployment of ViaBTC Pool. Other core team members are from world-renowned Internet and financial companies, many of whom are the earliest crypto practitioners and investors who are more than knowledgeable in the company’s business aspects. Such a strong team has laid a solid foundation for ViaBTC Capital’s business strength, insights, technical capabilities and industry resources.

Setting Foot in the Cryptocurrency Investment Industry, ViaBTC Capital Opens a New Business Chapter

ViaBTC Capital is determined to become a world-class blockchain investment institution, aims to gather and integrate the global resources under ViaBTC’s management, build the blockchain ecosystem by means of investment, and bring high-quality concept designs and blockchain technologies to full realization. It also aspires to become one of the most favored capitals by newly established companies and fund seekers in the blockchain world, providing not only financial support, but also technical expertise, marketing promotion services and cooperation opportunities with ViaBTC Group, to serve as a bridge between the two sides for a win-win situation.

ViaBTC Capital mainly invests in three major technical domains including Web 3.0, Layer 2 and Dapp. Respectively, the Web 3.0 technology stack constitutes the overall framework of the blockchain industry, the Layer 2 solution is related to the current scaling inadequacy that needs to be fixed, whereas DApp will be the future development of the industry on the basis of DAO, NFT, and DeFi. Thus, the three domains will be the very core of future struggles over the blockchain ecosystem. ViaBTC Capital will invest through both the primary and secondary markets, including but not limited to the private placement and public offerings of tokens, trend investment, value investment, quantitative investment, and yield farming.

In addition to the financial support, ViaBTC also provides its clients with services including marketing support, technical guidance, access to the global investment network, and other potential opportunities and resources. With the company’s rich experience and technical maturity in the blockchain ecosystem and other fields, based on its project development experience such as in mining pools, wallets, explorers, exchanges and smart chains, ViaBTC Capital can provide senior technical guidance and support for the client’s projects. Relying on the multi-channel international media operations and the company’s global community of 500,000+ users, ViaBTC Capital assists users with reliable international marketing and promotion support. Based on its long-term close cooperation with high-quality capitals and leading companies in the industry, ViaBTC Capital can channel potential funds and resources for the clients, so as to improve the brand exposure and popularity of the projects. Last but not the least, ViaBTC Capital will also provide its users with access to CoinEx Exchange, that is to say, if a project meets ViaBTC’s standards, it will have opportunities to be listed on CoinEx as well as chances to IEO and AMM.

A Single Spark that Starts an Industrial Revolution

ViaBTC Capital will make use of its own comprehensive and diversified investments, multi-dimensional resource advantages, and the first-mover advantage of ViaBTC to break through the competition and differentiate business operation. It will focus on the early-stage start-ups in the crypto market, speed up the commercial implementation of the potential projects, increase more investment destinations in different scenarios of usage, and accelerate the growth of the entire blockchain industry.

In the future, ViaBTC Capital will dig deeper into the market to broaden its horizons and incorporate an even bigger picture. It will never stop its exploration in the potential projects for blockchain ecosystem construction, as to continue working with all the start-up teams with innovative, enterprising spirits. From infrastructure to application projects, it will help improve the investment ecosystem and become an infrastructure provider in the blockchain field, and join hands with its partners in the creation of a better future for the cryptocurrency industry.

Official website of ViaBTC Capital: capital.viabtc.com


Yannie Chen, chenyanling@viabtc.com