CORAL GABLES, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#assemblyneosAssembly Software, the visionary creators behind the acclaimed case management solution Neos, proudly unveils NeosAI, the legal industry’s first native-built AI technology that is seamlessly integrated within the Neos case management platform. This groundbreaking achievement sets a new standard for legal software innovation.

NeosAI represents a paradigm shift, empowering law firms to harness AI-powered intelligence effortlessly without disrupting their established workflows. Unlike its competitors, NeosAI autonomously operates inside of Neos, eliminating the need for cumbersome data transfers to external systems, complicated third-party integrations, or duplicated data entry. You never leave the Neos workflow, thereby enhancing your NeosAI user experience.

The robust Microsoft ecosystem and OpenAI technology power NeosAI, harnessing cutting-edge technology at the epicenter of the AI world. Numerous companies currently emphasize specialized point solutions or utilize AI solely for a particular aspect of legal technology, such as demand letters. NeosAI goes far beyond this limited capability, allowing a firm to generate case, communication and contract content while saving time, driving productivity, efficiency and profitability. All of this is realized through the NeosAI engine that categorizes, transcribes, generates, and compiles pertinent case files for both settlement and trial matters.

“NeosAI goes beyond effortlessly generating content from Neos templates for multiple legal scenarios and recognizing and assigning data to relevant cases. It revolutionizes the way law firms operate, liberating employees from mundane tasks and enabling them to maximize their unique talents for unparalleled client engagement,” says Rick Cirigliano, Chief Product Officer at Assembly.

Neos has consistently led the pack in the case management software industry. The introduction of NeosAI solidifies its position as the ultimate choice for law firms embracing technology to surge ahead of their competition. While the beta release of NeosAI just scratches the surface of its immense potential, Assembly promises that Neos will soon achieve groundbreaking advancements for law firms, supported by a multi-generational product release strategy that extends into the foreseeable future. NeosAI will soon allow firms to leverage the full potential of AI at every stage of a case.

“The beta release of NeosAI is just the beginning; it is the catalyst that will propel firms into a future where efficiency is optimized to unprecedented levels. We believe technology should act as an enabler, empowering law firms to achieve the best outcomes for their clients without compromising quality,” says Daniel Farrar, CEO of Assembly.

To discover more about the groundbreaking NeosAI and join the beta waitlist, visit today.

Assembly Software is a visionary technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the legal industry. It blends decades of history and industry experience with next-generation, customer-focused innovation, bringing together two of the legal profession’s pioneering case management brands, Needles and Trialworks, both of which have contributed to Neos, Assembly’s reimagined cloud-based solution. With its premier case management solution, Neos, and the game-changing NeosAI, Assembly Software empowers law firms to exceed expectations and maximize their potential through innovative software solutions.


Jessica Collier