– Korean digital content companies showed off various companies’ promotion content and received positive feedback from the participants

– CTA supported Korean companies with a special hall for Korea and non-contact export consultation

– Non-contact export consultation recorded 156 cases with 20 Korean companies and 37 overseas companies

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AISummit–The Singapore ICT exhibition, ‘CommunicAsia 2021-ConnecTechAsia’ (hosted by IMDA & Informa Tech/sponsored by Informa Tech) that drew attention with the participation of digital content companies of Korea, the world’s well-known ‘digital powerhouse,’ ended with a big success.

Korean companies’ participation in CTA online exhibition from July 14 to 16 was to promote the Korean companies’ entry into ASEAN countries by the close support of MOIBA, introducing various content based on excellent technology and bringing a strong interest.

CTA is the largest ICT event with Asian Digital Content-related agencies, companies, and VCs, and according to the business agreement with IMDA in Singapore, it was held under the name of ‘Asia Tech x Singapore 2021 (AT x SG)’ this year. About 329 global companies and over 8,200 attendees participated.

The host was very supportive of Korean companies participating in this online exhibition by Opening of ‘Korea Pavilion-MOIBA special hall’ on the website; Introducing participant companies’ products through demo session; Holding AI Summit and webinar session to provide panel discussion and presentation to interchange and share insight for information such as Industry 4.0, 5G technology, IoT, Quantum, etc.; Biz-matching through non-contact export consultation and recruiting buyer in the exhibition; IR pitching session (Elevating Founders) based on 6 topics such as Health Tech, Climate/Agri Tech, Future of Work, Ed Tech, Fintech, Smart Cities, etc.

In particular, 20 Korean companies and 37 overseas global companies participated in the non-contact export consultation performed as a prior program for 5 days from July 5 (Mon.) to 9 (Fri.), conducting 156 consultation cases in total.

An official of this event said, “The participation of Korean digital content companies getting its spotlight in its industry has brought success to this event. We expect strengthened interaction with the Korean digital content companies through this exhibition.”

For more details related to CTA, visit its official website (https://www.connectechasia.com).


Korea Mobile Internet Business Association (MOIBA)

Aaron Im