The Movers And Shakers Of The Crypto World

Cryptocurrency has changed the way people make online transactions by decentralizing the process, making it more secure, and providing anonymity to the traders. However, when Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the concept of Bitcoin back in 2009, skeptics thought it was unrealistic and probably a scam.

Many held back from investing in it and with somewhat good reason, as its volatility makes it a risky investment. But with the great success stories of its early adopters, the risk is worth it.

Currently, with more understanding of cryptocurrency and its widespread popularity, people are open to investing in Bitcoin and other crypto assets. For example, many online retailers are increasingly accepting the use of bitcoins as payments in place of credit cards.

The anonymity and the instantaneous of transactions are its main appeal to most people, while others are attracted to the money making side of it where they can invest in coins as well as trade them.

But, while most people are just getting into crypto investment and realizing the great ROI they offer, there are those who were visionaries and invested when the rest of the world was shying away from the concept.

These are people who are worthy millions now and have earned this money from investing in other cryptos on top of Bitcoin, while others have created their own crypto companies like Ethereum and Ripple. Having reaped substantial benefits, they are continuing to invest and nothing is going to stop them.

In fact, one the Crypto Kings, Michael Novogratz whose crypto net worth, as a reports, is between $700m-$1B, terms the current crypto environment as a bubble and plans on making as much money as possible before the environment pops.

Whether the environment will pop or not, time will tell. And for those who want to invest and become rich like these crypto kings, the advice is to invest in coins that take their time to go public.

Also, coins that have a defined audience that they want to help, and have simplified things for the end users in that they don’t need to understand blockchain technology to use the service, are usually good indicators that you are investing into a sound startup project, avoiding scams.

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