The road to personalization! 7 AI apps you need to have


As technology unfolds its wonders every day, we need to run as fast as we can. Because as an adage goes, “you snooze, you lose.”

One aspect of this technical transition is Artificial Intelligence. A decade ago, the idea of machines performing human tasks was highly fascinating. Who would have thought of having a personal assistant at their service 24/7? 

AI is making a huge impact on all aspects of our society.

It’s also making a huge difference in individual lives. Whether you are driving a car, cooking something new, or want someone to wake you up – AI can do it all.

A common example of this is SIRI or Amazon Alexa. Though some of us may not have used them, we are aware of what they do. Fortunately, AI is not limited to these two programs only. There are hundreds of other apps in the market that are using this technology. These are making things quite simple with their comprehensive functionality. 

Let’s find out how some AI apps are accelerating our drive to personalization:

  1. Cortana

Created by Microsoft, Cortana is an app that’s available on Windows and Android phones. It is an AI assistant that manages your tasks. From scheduling a meeting to playing music, and sending emails, this app can do everything for the users.

Although currently, it lags on some features. But it is safe to state that Cortana is highly personalized. Each morning, you receive a detailed review of your interests. It tells you the best route you can take. Plus, it reminds you of pending tasks like buying an aspirin.

As mentioned, this app is not available on iOS right now. You need to have a Microsoft account to use Cortana.

  1. Hound

SoundHound launched this app a few years back. It is one of the best voice-based search applications. You can use it without tapping on the screens. All you have to do for its activation is to say, “Okay, Hound” and give the command.

According to some experts, the responsiveness of this app is better than Siri and Google Now. It understands all that you are saying and answers accordingly. Besides covering the basics, it includes some advanced stuff as well. Such as calculating mortgage and booking hotels. You can even hum the music, and it instantly opens that song for you.

This app is available on Android and iOS. 

  1. Elsa

Do you want to speak like natives? Does the lack of accent make you uncomfortable in public?

Well, Elsa is here to your rescue. It is an English Language Speech Assistant app that offers professional coaching on pronunciation. The best part is, there is no learning fee. You can install this app and access teaching material as well as speech exercises. 

Another unique feature is its advanced voice-recognition that teaches you to speak a better accent. Initially, this app will ask you about your native language. It will then follow a teaching pattern in accordance.

You can find this app on iTunes and Play Store.

  1. Fyle

Managing expenses is a hefty task. Be it a small organization or the one working at a large scale; tracking accounts requires an around-the-clock human presence. Fyle is an app that intends to save you the trouble. Some of its features include mileage tracking, audit management, expense approvals, and receipt control.

You can take snaps of cheques and upload digital bills. And it will generate reports automatically. You can then share the reports between different accounting programs for further calculations. It’s a handy app that saves a lot of your time.

Since it’s about accounts, developers have integrated top-notch safety algorithms. We are all aware of AirG Spam and how it tirelessly struggled to ensure that the agency gets back to its feet.

That is why Fyle adheres to high bars of security. You can easily install it from Play Store and iTunes.

  1. Siftr Magic Cleaner

The idea of cleaning up phone memories is haunting for some people. Nonetheless, we often need to clear up the junk to free up some space. Siftr Magic Cleaner is one of the best apps that deal in that. This AI app analyzes the images through a machine learning algorithm.

It removes images that are repetitive, junk, or duplicate. You can also pick photos manually. Apart from this, the functions of this app are quick. It delivers results instantly. 

This app is available for free on Android and iOS.

  1. Replika

Catching up with your friends is not as simple anymore. Studies, job, travel, and socialization occupy most of our time. Amidst the chaos, we often need a friend to lean on. In such moments when you find no one, do not despair.

Replika is an AI-driven app that helps you explore yourself. It provides psychological help 24/7. You can ask random questions and receive reasonable answers. You can even have a casual chit-chat with the app and feel relieved. For further info, read “The Artifice of Intelligence” to see how AI is affecting psychological aspects of human life.

This app is available on Android and iOS.

  1. Robin

Robin is another personal assistance app that you can use on-the-go. It allows you to get local information and write messages through voice input. Also, you can navigate via GPS without having to look at the map.

Along with these features, it has numerous others too. Such as finding a parking spot, reading the Twitter feed, and forecasting weather. It is a decent option for people who are on the road. So instead of looking at screens, you have to give voice commands.

Bottom Line

AI is a smart way to become more productive. Some of these apps are a real breakthrough in the world of technology. Scan through them, and you will surely spot the one that’s the best fit for you. 

If we missed any great personal assistant apps in the list, tell us about these in the comments section below!

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Audrey Throne is the mother of a 3-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about lifestyle, business, automotive, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics. 

Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.




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