Many people believe that in order to make their business more efficient, they have to get their employees to work longer hours at a faster rate. This could not be further from the truth, however. In today’s world, efficiency isn’t just how fast an individual can work, but instead how the company is structured and run as a whole and, more importantly, what technology and practices it employs. Businesses that operate anywhere and hope to succeed need to start integrating a number of technologies into their business model. But what tech should your business be using, and how should you be incorporating it? Read on for the top tips for increasing the efficiency of your company with technology.

Better Payment Solutions

It’s best to start with the part of the company that tends to be the slowest: financial management. It’s very likely that the financial manager of your business is the busiest employee day in, day out. This is because, out of all of the technology that has been widely adopted throughout international corporations, financial management systems seem to be the most overlooked, with both large and small businesses resorting to convoluted Excel spreadsheets and physical receipts, leaving your financial team to be inundated with excess work. It doesn’t have to be like this, however. There are platforms like Mesh Payments which let the financial management team access all payments and spending, alter budgets and access digital receipts, as well as setting different access permissions for every rank of employee as needed. Further, many of these kinds of platforms are able to link to programs that allow for automatic payroll payments, cloud control and more. Some utilities can make payroll and paystub creation more time-efficient and accurate, like when they generate it with FormPros. It’s an online software that can help speed up employee payouts without the time-consuming and sometimes fallible manual computations. Those at the helm of financial management are aware that no matter how skilled their staff, speed, and accuracy will always be subjective. It’s why this paystub innovation is an advantage. These programs and platforms are vital for increasing productivity and efficiency within your organization, as it will allow a rapid increase in speed for those who have to manage the company’s finances.

Centralize With Cloud Softwares

Having access to every important piece of software, every vital file and every version of essential documents will always prove to be invaluable. But, for some reason, most businesses don’t have the capability to do this. It’s not that this technology isn’t available, just that many companies don’t utilise this fantastic tech. Cloud software means that everything within the company can be stored within the “cloud”, meaning that it is accessible from anywhere. This can be useful for every company for a number of reasons. For example, companies that need employees to travel frequently but still access all the files available on their office PC can give access from as far as other continents. Another example is sick days, something that offices are all too familiar with. If an employee is forced to isolate for any reason, they can access all of the applications they need to in order to complete their daily jobs. Cloud software can likely also interface with any automation software that your company employs, meaning that you can have excellent automation and efficiency without having to have large servers or awkward interactions between programs.

Staff Training

Something that can occupy a large portion of a new employees’ time is training, and often this would require taking up someone else’s time in order to train them. This simply isn’t the answer. Newer business technologies that focus on staff training are paramount for efficiency in the workplace, as it allows employees to take the training at their pace without taking up time of the rest of the workers. Many of these staff training platforms also allow employees to take exams and full certifications, ensuring that your employees are always trained to the furthest extent possible.

Business Communication

Especially in the times of social distancing, being able to quickly communicate between employees throughout the day is vital, regardless of the size of the company. Moreover, clear human communication is required, especially for those employees who work from home. Not only so that instructions can be carried across easier, but also to ensure that employees get the chance to socialise. Applications such as Slack, Zoom and RingCentral are fantastic ways to allow your company to communicate within itself throughout the day, no matter where everyone is. These VOIP services offer messaging, voice and video calls and group features, meaning that communication through the business will skyrocket, pushing the efficiency of the business to new heights.

Bring Your Own

Though there are a huge amount of things that can help drive employees and the company to greater levels of efficiency, one technique has altogether stood out to be the best method in assisting employees to hit their peak productivity: letting them bring their own devices. People are most comfortable with the devices that they are familiar with, and since most carry all sorts of devices from iPads to Android phones to laptops and more, it can be difficult to choose one device that everyone can be comfortable with. If you let employees choose what they wish to use, they can use the devices with which they will be the most productive. Not only can this save costs for the company, but it means that their employees feel satisfied and comfortable and will work faster and more efficiently.


As seen above, there are a huge amount of advantages to adopting technology into your business to keep efficiency and productivity growing. It’s important to make sure that these platforms and programs are always up to date, and to ensure that your security is always up to scratch. As long as these requirements are met, your business will be booming.

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