THERADIAG (Paris:ALTER) (ISIN: FR0004197747, Ticker: ALTER, eligible for PEA-PME equity savings plans), a company specializing in in vitro diagnostics and theranostics, announces the launch of HUMABDIAG, a large-scale antibody bioproduction research project in Tours.

From July 1, 2021, Theradiag will work with the city of Tours’ academic and industrial ecosystem: its CHRU regional university hospital, its university and deep-tech antibody company MAbSilico, on an antibody research and production project co-financed by the Centre-Val de Loire region to the tune of €450 thousand. This strategic project is an extension of the global collaboration agreement with the university of Tours and the creation of a second site in the Centre-Val de Loire region, announced by the Company in July and September 2020 respectively.

Every patient, when they develop an immune response to a pathogen or antigen, produces a broad range of antibodies; this repertoire of antibodies is specific to that patient. The aim of the HUMABDIAG project is to seek out, in these directories, the most efficient antibodies in their binding with their target, whether that be a viral protein, an immunogenic drug or an autoantigen within the framework of autoimmune diseases.

More specifically, the approach developed in this project allows the rapid identification of antibodies of interest and, more importantly, the identification of their unique genetic sequence. Based on this sequence, it will then be possible to create a computer simulation of the binding between the antibody and its target, and then to reproduce this antibody.

Theradiag will cooperate with the academic players (regional university hospital and university) in putting the concept and technology in place: selection and isolation of lymphocytes of interest and sequencing prior to the computer analysis. MAbSilico will be responsible for the modeling of the antibodies and simulations of their binds to their target using their Artificial Intelligence-based software platform. Theradiag will then transfer the antibodies of interest onto its platform to produce human monoclonal antibodies of diagnostic interest. The resulting human monoclonal antibodies will perfectly reflect the antibodies actually present in patients and their production will be standardized. For Theradiag, this important differentiation will represent major leverage for its strategy and its approach to the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Theranostics market.

Theradiag CEO Bertrand de Castelnau commented: “The launch of this large-scale project called Humabdiag demonstrates Theradiag’s innovation dynamic. This project in Tours is a strategic one, as it will enable us, via the manufacturing of human monoclonal antibodies, to make progress in and further develop our biotherapy monitoring activity. The value of our partners enhances our expectations for this project, in which Theradiag will be the Business Leader. This unique research project will result in the creation of a new activity that totally complements existing activities and in the high-quality and economical sourcing of our materials.”.


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Financial calendar:

Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on second call, on Thursday June 10, 2021

H1 2021 revenue, on Monday July 19, 2021

H1 2021 results, on Monday September 20, 2021

About Theradiag

Theradiag is the market leader in biotherapy monitoring. Capitalizing on its expertise in the diagnostics market, the Company has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for over 30 years.

Theradiag pioneered “theranostics” testing (combining therapy with diagnosis), which measures the efficacy of biotherapy in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. Going beyond mere diagnosis, Theranostics aims to help clinicians set up “customized treatment” for each patient. This method favors the individualization of treatment, evaluation of its efficacy and the prevention of drug resistance. In response to this challenge, Theradiag develops and markets the CE-marked TRACKER® range, a comprehensive solution of inestimable medical value.

The Company is based in Marne-la-Vallée, near Paris, has operations in over 70 countries and employs over 60 people. In 2020, the Company posted revenue of €10.4 million. The Theradiag share is listed on Euronext Growth Paris (ISIN: FR0004197747) and is eligible for the French PEA-PME personal equity plan.

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About the University of Tours

Located in the city centers of Tours and Blois, for the last 50 years the University of Tours has put training, innovation, professionalism, and the success of its students at the very heart of its project. With its 7 faculties, 2 institutes of technology and polytechnic engineering school, it offers its 30,000 students all the benefits of a multidisciplinary environment. The university is open to the world and encourages student mobility, taking in more than 3,000 international students each year. It has 36 certified research units that are recognized in France and around the world: the University of Tours is thus the Centre-Val de Loire region’s leading public research institute, making Tours the regional capital for higher education and research.

About MAbSilico

Located in Tours, MAbSilico is a deeptech company developing and commercializing Artificial Intelligence-based software for antibody discovery and development. The software platform can be used for any antibody format, for therapeutic and biomarker purposes. Only requiring the antibodies sequences and the target name. MAbSilico software supports biologists to select, after simulation and modeling in minutes, the best antibody candidate. The AI-based solutions are on the shelf and have been validated with biological assays through a formal approach. Used by biotech and pharma companies, MAbSilico’s solutions helps their customers to develop the CoVepiT, a covid-19 vaccine in clinical trial, and antibodies that are in pre-clinical and clinical development stage.


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