Cryptocurrency TORG goes live on multiple crypto exchanges

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#TORG–It’s #TORGTime. TORG (, the world’s first utilimeme, a futuristic utility-focused cryptocurrency, has made its trading debut on twelve cryptocurrency exchanges. At the press time, the following centralised exchanges (CEXs) have listed TORG:

  1. BitMart
  3. WhiteBit
  4. ProBit
  5. Bibox
  6. CoinsBit Global
  7. CoinsBit India
  8. LA Token
  9. CoinTiger
  10. Bilaxy
  11. IndoEx International
  12. Finexbox

With over 6000 cryptocurrencies in the world, what is it that makes TORG so special? It is its unique utility focused vision to put advanced financial technology in the service of mankind. In pursuit of this vision, TORG has been conceived as a blockchain solution for enabling cryptocurrency based transactions across the world. People from all backgrounds would be able to make payments or get paid in TORG for most everyday needs, securely and reliably. This could transform the economic opportunities for millions across the world.

To fulfil such a revolutionary mission primarily requires mass adoption of the utilimeme. According to the company statement, “We want to leverage blockchain to improve people’s lives and make financial transactions easier from buying a pint of milk, to paying for their children to study abroad or buying property abroad.” The company also stated, “We truly believe TORG can enable such possibilities. However, first and foremost it requires massive adoption of the cryptocurrency.” For this reason, TORG is being listed on multiple and a growing number of CEXs. Already, these CEXs have started offering TORG pairs with other currencies, including TORG/USDT, TORG/BTC and TORG/ETH.

TORG continues to hit new highs, a clear sign that the crypto community has shown faith in the utilimeme and its potential to revolutionize utility-driven financial payments. This confidence can also be seen from the fact that many users who have received it seem keen to hold, despite having the choice to sell or convert.

The TORG Foundation aims to ensure long term sustainability of the utilimeme. It believes that this sustainability is linked firstly to a rapid growth in its global use cases and secondly to keeping the cryptocurrency free of any inflationary biases. It has therefore launched TORG with 100% of the maximum supply of 777 billion coins in circulation. There will be no growth in the number of coins, eliminating the inflationary pressures that come from currency expansion. Exciting days ahead!

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The TORG FOUNDATION aims to create long-term sustainability of TORG for its users by investing in the infrastructure for expanding utilimeme’s global reach, relevance and use cases. It views sustainability from the perspective of both the developed and the developing worlds with the aim of helping TORG become a globally acceptable cryptocurrency.

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Jasper Lim