NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#coindesk–Breanne Madigan joins TradeBlock as CEO, where she will be focused on scaling the TradeBlock trading platform for a growing base of institutional market participants. In January 2021, CoinDesk, Inc purchased TradeBlock, the world’s leading crypto index provider and trading platform for the OTC market. More than $36 billion in assets under management are benchmarked against the CoinDesk Indexes (formerly known as the TradeBlock Indexes), and billions of dollars in trading volume have been quoted against them in the over the counter market. TradeBlock is a subsidiary of Coindesk, Inc, and operates completely independently of CoinDesk Media.

CoinDesk CEO Kevin Worth said, “I am super excited to have Breanne join the team. She is a world-class Wall Street executive with extensive crypto experience and just an amazing person. I look forward to supporting and collaborating with Breanne as she scales TradeBlock into a vital part of the institutional infrastructure for the emerging crypto economy.”

Breanne will be partnering with TradeBlock Chief Strategy Officer Nitai Bran to build a dominant global business serving the institutional community rushing into the crypto market. Before joining TradeBlock, Breanne Madigan spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs and also helped build and scale two companies in the fintech space over the most recent three years. Breanne was previously VP of Global Institutional Markets at Ripple, where she oversaw the expanding Global Markets Team responsible for developing and managing XRP liquidity, which was vital to the company’s flagship cross-border payments software, Ripple’s On-Demand-Liquidity Platform.

Breanne Madigan, TradeBlock CEO, said, “I am thrilled to be joining Kevin, Nitai, and the broader TradeBlock team at a time of explosive growth in the digital asset space. Having spent my entire career working closely with institutional investors, and my last few years helping to build out platforms and services for institutional investors interested in the digital asset space, this is the ideal time to be taking on this incredible opportunity at TradeBlock. We have broad ambitions to scale this platform and company globally and I look forward to sharing more details about our plans in the near term.”

With 15+ years of experience working at Goldman Sachs and, Breanne helped transform global markets across multiple markets and platforms. While at Goldman Sachs, Breanne served as Head of GS Institutional Wealth Services (IWS), focused on sophisticated family office clients of the Investment Management Division. Before IWS, she served as the Global Franchise Manager (COO) for GS’s G10 Foreign Exchange Business and EMEA Emerging Markets, a business of over 300 headcounts across Sales, Trading, and Strategist teams with ~ $2Bn net revenues annually. She has also held other sales and strategy roles in GS’s Securities Division, including money markets and hedge fund financing. At, Breanne was Head of Institutional Sales and Strategy, where she helped design and bring to market a global institutional platform for digital currency.

About TradeBlock: TradeBlock is the leading provider of real-time indexes for the spot price of various digital currencies, equipping firms with an effective price discovery mechanism crucial in navigating the volatile digital currency markets. Additionally, TradeBlock is the premier platform for institutional digital currency traders, complete with a powerful suite of market and blockchain data, as well as execution and post-trade tools for liquidity providers, asset managers, corporate clients, and exchanges, among others. For more information on TradeBlock, please visit

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Casey Craig, Global Head of Communications at CoinDesk