BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–True Tickets has launched secure, contactless mobile ticketing for the Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida. The service enables the Straz Center to add safer, simpler digital ticketing that improves the entire live event experience for customers, from purchasing tickets to attending the event and beyond.

When the Straz Center pivoted to small, socially distanced outdoor events during the pandemic, it quickly moved to digital programs, menus, and tickets. With its Broadway season starting in October, the Straz is focused both on safety and ensuring the best experience for patrons. The True Tickets service enables the Straz to remotely issue tickets, minimize interactions between staff and patrons at the venue, and improve communication with customers.

While the Straz Center previously offered digital tickets through its app, the True Tickets service affords the Straz greater flexibility and security in how it tickets its events. Using APIs, True Tickets quickly integrated with the Straz’s existing ticketing platform without having to rip and replace the venue’s existing infrastructure.

“Many of our patrons are excited to return to live events, but when they do, they’re likely going to be more cautious,” said Tony Walters, Vice President of Ticketing and Guest Services at the Straz Center. “Beyond the added safety measure of contactless ticketing, True Tickets enables new efficiency in our ticketing operations and gives us more insight into who uses each ticket so we can deliver even better live experiences for our community.”

One example of how the True Tickets service will streamline the Straz Center’s ticketing is in group sales. Previously, group purchasers were faced with the onerous process of distributing tickets to hundreds of people. Soon, the True Tickets service will allow the Straz to distribute tickets more efficiently to attendees, which also allows the venue to communicate any pertinent information or schedule changes directly to ticket holders.

By better understanding who attends each event, the Straz not only improves its ability to communicate updates and changes with patrons, but can better cater to their interests and preferences to further improve the experiences it offers.

“From the start, True Tickets has always been about helping venues create more meaningful relationships with the people who attend their events,” said Matt Zarracina, CEO of True Tickets. “The first step in being able to do that is simply knowing who they are. That knowledge then enables improved coordination of everything from safety to communication to operations, each of which the True Tickets service enhances.”

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About True Tickets

True Tickets is a secure contactless digital ticketing service that can be tailored to a venue’s specific needs. Whether it is the company’s IBM blockchain enabled service built with secondary market distribution in mind or its single channel delivery service, True Tickets’ business-to-business solution easily integrates with existing ticketing platforms without replacing existing infrastructure. The True Tickets service empowers venues across arts, entertainment, and more to better govern how mobile tickets are transacted, reclaiming control of their tickets from the secondary market so they can more effectively manage their patrons’ experience.

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