Two leading super-apps are joining forces to help companies and their employees with expense reporting


Bolt, the first European super-app and Expensify, a payments superapp launches a strategic integration helping companies and their employees with expense reporting and transactions.

Bolt Business addresses the transportation needs of companies and helps them control, manage and centrally pay for their team’s work rides through ride-hailing and scooter rental services. Expensify helps millions of individuals and businesses around the world simplify the way they manage money across expenses, corporate cards, and bills.

This new integration takes the hassle out of needing to manually forward or download receipts, making sure all the trip information is seamlessly imported and captured on the expense report in Expensify at the end of a ride. This way, Finance teams and employees alike can process reimbursements much faster, or automatically match Bolt receipts with company card transactions in Expensify making reconciliation a breeze.

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