UK's largest tech conference venue CodeNode to reopen its doors


Trifork, a software development company that develops and delivers business critical IT systems, is pleased to announce that it will re-establish CodeNode, UK’s largest venue dedicated to technology events.

CodeNode, situated in the heart of the City of London, was formerly home to Skills Matter, a community and training platform for developers that organised nearly 2,000 talks, tech meetups, hackathons, training workshops, product launches and conferences annually.

Trifork was an original cofounder of CodeNode and helped shape the vision for a bespoke tech conference venue at the premises, which provides 23,000 square feet of space and has an impressive history of hosting events for startups, developer groups and companies like Microsoft and IBM.

The venue will continue to host tech conferences, and Trifork intends to further develop the space as a multi-purpose tech hub focused on fintech, one of its core business areas. The space will be used to showcase its capabilities (and those of its London-based sister companies, OpenCredo and Erlang Solutions).

“CodeNode’s vibrant space and rich history in the developer community fit perfectly with our goal of establishing a thriving tech hub in London.” said Joern Larsen, co-founder and CEO of Trifork. “We are eager to reopen CodeNode’s doors, build on the hard work the Skills Matter team put into this venue and welcome back many who have previously attended events there.”

With the venue’s reopening, operations will resume under the CodeNode brand and will be available for event hire from March 2020.

The acquisition of CodeNode complements the Trifork Group’s other tech conference activities carried out under the GOTO Conferences and Code Sync brands.

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