UniCourt provides structured state and federal court data to law firms via the UniCourt Enterprise API to support automation with business development, experience management, docket management, and generative AI use cases.

TUSTIN, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AmLaw–UniCourt, a leading provider of Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) to law firms, insurance companies, and the legal data ecosystem, today announced the expansion of its real-time state court data. Effective immediately, docket data and related documents will be available via the UniCourt Enterprise API for an additional 14 states, and the offerings from four states will be expanded. The UniCourt Enterprise API is purpose-built to automate the collection and delivery of structured legal data and analytics, empowering business development, litigation strategy, experience management, docket management, and other data-centric functions.

“Since the release of our Enterprise API in March, UniCourt has shifted focus to the one thing most important to our clients, greater availability of structured litigation data across more courts. Our aim is to be second to none in structured litigation data across state courts, federal courts, and agencies in the US,” said Rob Lynch, Head of Product at UniCourt.

The UniCourt Enterprise API enables law firms to incorporate external litigation data from trusted sources into their internal databases with client and matter data. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Chief Knowledge Officers (CKOs), and business development leaders are extracting valuable information from UniCourt’s data to increase the lifetime value of existing clients and expand their legal services to new logos.

“Our extensive state and federal court coverage provides firms with a 360-degree view of their clients’ and firm’s litigation. UniCourt’s open licensing terms support legal technology innovation, giving our clients the opportunity to leverage more litigation data than ever to power their Generative AI initiatives,” said Josh Blandi, CEO of UniCourt.

The UniCourt Enterprise API is unique in several key areas:

The UniCourt Enterprise API provides highly sophisticated entity normalization on corporate parties, attorneys, law firms, and judges to deliver well-structured, easily searchable datasets for extracting data-driven insights. Unlike legacy API offerings, the UniCourt Enterprise API is a unified platform built for future expansion, connecting previously siloed data sources (courts, dockets, documents) and significantly accelerating firm data initiatives. Rather than limiting the use of public records related to dockets, as is the case for legacy data providers, UniCourt provides open licensing for all legal data within its ecosystem. Clients can incorporate this data into internal processes, custom-built external products, and client deliverables to support knowledge and innovation initiatives.

“As we have stated since the release of the UniCourt Enterprise API,” adds Blandi, “our API foundation makes the expansion into new datasets and sources seamless. Integration of dockets from these new courts requires no new development work for our clients.”

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About UniCourt

UniCourt is the original Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) company, providing real-time court data and legal analytics you can trust powered by the only API-first platform in LegalTech. UniCourt’s mission is to make legal data more organized, accessible, and useful for Am Law firms and Fortune 500 companies. The UniCourt Enterprise API is the gold standard in legal data, enabling rapid API integration, delivering real-time updates, and enabling optimal litigation outcomes. Learn more at www.unicourt.com.


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