Why are investors selling Meme Coins PEPE, WIF and BONK to load up on this new Crypto


It is always a cause for concern when investors start selling their crypto portfolios. While it doesn’t spell disaster for these crypto tokens being sold, it simply suggests that a better crypto investment alternative is now in the crypto market.
This new, high-growth potential crypto project is called Rollblock (RBLK), and it has shown significant growth potential to prompt investors to sell their meme coins such as Pepe, Dogwifhat, and Bonk. Find out more details below.

Rollblock (RBLK) Soars in Presale as it Showcases Exponential Potential

The Rollblock (RBLK) project has kicked off to a flying start so far in its presale, having shown significant potential for growth. For context, the Rollblock token presale has sold over 25 million RBLK tokens completely selling out of Stage 1 of their presale in just days. This massive buyout from investors is connected to RBLK’s strong utility on the Rollblock ecosystem, which facilitates transactions, rewards, and high staking rewards.

As such, with the growing momentum of Rollblock’s platform, the token is also growing, which makes it a top priority for investors. Similarly, the market projection of the RBLK token from experts is backing the token to record over 1000% before the conclusion of its presale. In view of this, RBLK represents one of the best crypto coins to invest in 2024.

Notably, the Rollblock platform, where the RBLK token acts as the ecosystem token, has set the groundwork to introduce an innovative GambleFi protocol to enhance the scalability, transparency, and security of online casinos. As such, Rollblock will be implementing the best features of blockchain technology to kickstart the future of the gambling industry.

Some of the notable features of the Rollblock platform include the revenue share model, which will see up to 30% of the revenue generated shared among RBLK token holders weekly. Part of the revenue is used to buy back the tokens from the open market, with half of the tokens bought being burned to stabilize the price and reduce the overall supply. The remaining half of the RBLK tokens will be used as staking rewards, offering investors some of the highest APYs in the crypto space. There is also no need to do a KYC verification before you can register on the platform, something not possible with many online casinos.

Pepe’s Price on the Rise, Could Record Significant Rally

Given its recent price trajectory, Pepe (PEPE) may be preparing for a rally. For context, Pepe’s price trajectory has had a positive year so far, having already set a new all-time price high in May 2024. PEPE has the potential to see a significant uptrend going forward.
Notably, Pepe has been one of the most popular meme coins that has powered into the top 25 ranking of tokens on CoinMarketCap. With Pepe’s 400% price gain since March, the token represents a good crypto investment alternative.

Dogwifhat Price Maintains Bullish Steam, May Set New Price High

Dogwifhat (WIF) is one of the top meme coins that have actively recorded a significant uptrend since the start of the Q2 of 2024. While the entire crypto market saw a downturn, Dogwifhat’s price maintained its support above the $2 mark.
With the imminent alt-season rally, Dogwifhat could see a significant uptrend to break its all-time high to reach the $5 mark. Meanwhile, Dogwifhat’s market cap valuation of over $2.8 billion showcased just how far the token has come since its launch last December.

Bonk Trading Volume on the Verge of Triggering a Rally

The performance of Bonk (BONK) in the crypto market over the last three months has been impressive. As shown in the market stats, Bonk’s price has gained over 130% since February. While the token embarked on a price correction, it has maintained a support level of $0.000014 based on market data.
Also, Bonk’s market activity is booming and that could trigger a significant rally. If the rally happens, Bonk’s market cap could rise above $2 billion in the coming weeks. The uptrend potential of Bonk places it as one of the top meme coins to buy now.


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