A Revolutionary Data Architecture for GenAI-enabled Unified Data Lakes

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ChaosSearch, a leader in data analytics, today announced the release of Chaos LakeDB, the first and only data lake database designed to power live Search, SQL, and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) analytics. By integrating with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), the preferred object store for millions of AWS customers of all sizes and industries, Chaos LakeDB helps merge the vast storage capabilities of data lakes with the accessibility of cloud databases. This fusion of lake and database capabilities eliminates the need for complex extract, transform, load (ETL) and extract, load, transform (ELT) processes, offering live analytics while ensuring enhanced cost efficiency and performance at scale—crucial for today’s data-intensive analytics and AI applications. Chaos LakeDB is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) data platform for enterprises and now as an embedded database for cloud platform providers. Prominent industry leaders such as Cisco and Equifax have already adopted Chaos LakeDB.

In the swiftly changing digital era, the ascent of Generative AI is not merely a passing phase but a necessity for businesses aiming to stay ahead. Yet, many are trapped in outdated data strategies and associated solutions, grappling with the nuances of LLM integration, like security, orchestration, and escalating costs for data access. When this is compounded with ever-increasing data volumes, laborious preparation, fragmented silos, and the taxing “integration overhead” from disparate systems, the picture is clear: legacy systems are hampering routine tasks, as well as groundbreaking innovation. In this new digital AI epoch, such inefficiencies are not just minor hitches—they directly jeopardize an organization’s market position. The solution? A revolutionary approach to truly unlock the potential of your data.

Introducing Chaos LakeDB: A new data lake database solution from ChaosSearch. It transforms cloud object storage into a live Search+SQL+GenAI analytics database with unlimited hot data retention. This creates a unified data lake suitable for both operational and business use cases. This solution can result in savings of 50-80%, free up technical resources, and simplify your architecture.

Aggregate: Chaos LakeDB consolidates diverse data streams and formats into one cohesive data lake database. With its advanced Search + SQL and GenAI analytics, it caters to a wide spectrum of operational and business needs, providing a comprehensive platform for deriving insights from data.

Automate: Chaos LakeDB redefines data management by intuitively automating the data pipeline, schema management and the orchestration of workloads across a lake backbone. With its adaptive capabilities, it identifies and scales stream types and schemas, ensuring data remains up-to-date and relevant, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention.

Activate: With Chaos LakeDB, provides both real-time and historical insights at scale, integrating Search+SQL and GenAI across all functionalities. This ensures that every interaction with data becomes a source of actionable intelligence.

Industry leading customers, including Equifax and Cisco, rely on Chaos LakeDB to manage workloads across a unified lake backbone, eliminating the constraints observed in alternative solutions and achieving remarkable reductions in time, cost, and complexity. Chaos LakeDB is a holistic and unified solution that offers live analytics without the burdens of extremely labor-intensive processes and outdated systems. With Chaos LakeDB, businesses are leveraging their data to the fullest potential, which is important in an AI-centric world.

With ChaosSearch, we no longer have to move or transform our data. We don’t have to think about how we’re going to use the data before we access it. It’s just there for us to query. That helps us deliver new opportunities to the business or discover usage patterns in our systems. Taking a piecemeal approach to data analytics got expensive quickly, and it became difficult to pull insights together to paint a broader picture that spanned knowledge silos. It’s a much more ubiquitous platform we can use to access data across disparate systems, at scale.” – Jeff Kinsherf, SVP, Engineering Services and SRE at Equifax

Cloud Object Storage, such as Amazon S3, and Chaos LakeDB are distinct offerings. However, when integrated, they provide clients with a Unified Data Lake suitable for both operational and business use cases. By simply streaming your data into Amazon S3 storage, Chaos LakeDB renders that data immediately available for Search, SQL, and GenAI analytics. Importantly, all data remains within the client’s Amazon S3 environment. Additionally, Chaos LakeDB’s stateless architecture takes advantage of Amazon S3’s industry-leading fundamentals in scalability, durability, availability, and security.

Every modern business today is a data business, and where you store your data and how quickly you’re able to leverage it for analytics is incredibly important,” said James Kirschner, general manager, Amazon S3 at AWS. “Solutions like ChaosSearch’s Chaos LakeDB help improve how customers interact with their data, making it easier to manage, faster to leverage, and more cost effective, while retaining Amazon S3’s industry-leading durability, availability,  security, and scalability.”

Our vision with Chaos LakeDB was to tackle the challenges of live analytics at scale. We recognized the challenges businesses faced with legacy systems and aimed to provide a solution that was not only efficient but also future-proof. Chaos LakeDB is a testament to our commitment to innovation, offering a unified platform where data is not just stored but is also activated, analyzed, and leveraged for actionable insights. In this AI-driven era, we believe that data should be at the forefront of decision-making, and with Chaos LakeDB, we’re making that a reality for businesses worldwide.” – Thomas Hazel, Chief Technology Officer at ChaosSearch.

About ChaosSearch:

ChaosSearch is redefining the boundaries of data analytics by offering transformative solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions with unparalleled efficiency. Our ethos is centered on simplifying complexity and turning challenges into opportunities. Chaos LakeDB is at the forefront of revolutionizing data lake architectures in the AI-driven era. By seamlessly transforming cloud storage into a dynamic analytical database, it integrates diverse data streams, streamlines intricate pipelines, and delivers at scale actionable insights through Search+SQL+GenAI analytics. By eliminating manual redundancies and activating static data lakes, Chaos LakeDB provides businesses with both real-time and historical intelligence. As champions of innovation, ChaosSearch is dedicated to delivering tools that not only meet but also anticipate the evolving needs of modern businesses. Dive into a world where data is not just stored but becomes a dynamic force driving growth and innovation.

Leading cloud-based organizations, including Equifax, Cisco, Revinate, and Digital River, trust the ChaosSearch Cloud Data Platform. For more information, visit ChaosSearch.io or follow us on LinkedIn.



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