Jason Flowerday, a seasoned Life Sciences & Healthtech executive, appointed as CEO

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ABI–VoxNeuro Inc. (“VoxNeuro” or the “Company”), a Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) brain health company that analyzes brain-based biomarkers to assess cognitive function, announced a number of significant developments including (i) receipt of US patent 11278230 entitled “Systems and methods for cognitive health assessment” which provides protection for VoxNeuro’s competitive advantage (specific EEG-based neuropsychological assessments that generate event-related potentials associated with key cognitive functions, and the output of a cognitive health report), (ii) the establishment of a US-based expert clinical study program to assist in expanding VoxNeuro’s product offerings across a range of neurological pathologies, and (iii) the retainer of a seasoned executive, Jason Flowerday, as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Flowerday joins VoxNeuro as it prepares to solidify its product development plans and pipeline. Following the launch of its first product in the Spring of 2021, a SaMD general cognitive assessment that healthcare providers leverage in clinical decision-making, VoxNeuro is in the process of formalizing partnerships with channel partners to assist with its roll-out across the United States. In parallel, the Company is working to finalize its initial clinical programs with leading American institutions and medical specialists to develop a series of valuable diagnostic products in the areas of Depression, Concussion, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia and Bi-polar disorder. The Company expects that these clinical programs will commence in the second half of 2022.

Since inception, VoxNeuro has been led by co-founder James Connolly, the son of John F. Connolly, PhD, the world-renowned neuroscientist responsible for the Company’s groundbreaking cognitive assessment technology. With the addition of Mr. Flowerday as CEO, James Connolly will continue as a central member of VoxNeuro’s leadership team, taking on the new role of Chief Business Officer and overseeing the organization’s key initiatives in the U.S. market.

“Jason’s entrepreneurial drive and commitment to being a champion for change, and the incredible amount of commercial success that he brings with him to VoxNeuro as its new Chief Executive Officer, is a critical step forward on our mission to become The Brain Company.” said James Connolly, Chief Business Officer.

Jason Flowerday brings over 25 years of industry-relevant, executive leadership experience to VoxNeuro. His success in the life sciences and health technology sectors began with pharmaceutical leaders, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson, followed by CEO roles across specialty pharma, medical device, diagnostics and health tech companies. During his time leading these companies, Mr. Flowerday was successful in the pursuit of new markets, investment capital, revenue growth and multiple liquidity events.

From 2018 to 2021, Mr. Flowerday served as CEO for MDBriefCase, a leading global health tech company providing digital medical education to physicians, pharmacists and nurses. Through Mr. Flowerday’s stewardship, MDBriefCase was acquired by Think Research (“TSX.V: THNK”), an industry leader in developing knowledge-based digital healthcare solutions.

“I am tremendously excited to join VoxNeuro at this critical time in the organization’s growth. The team that James Connolly has assembled and the suite of SaMD products that are being built have all of the makings to change how brain health is understood on a global scale, resulting in the marked improvement of human lives. The Company’s progress with its current product for general cognitive health assessment, plus significant advances with its intellectual property and its U.S. clinical program strategy, were the catalysts that convinced me that it was on a path to success in a nascent market ready for disruption.” said Jason Flowerday, CEO.

About VoxNeuro – Give the Brain a Voice

VoxNeuro is pushing the boundaries of brain health and empowering physicians with a breakthrough technology that uses validated brain-based biomarkers. The Company delivers a comprehensive understanding of how a brain is functioning by measuring attention and concentration, information processing, and working memory. The Company’s technology is based on thorough research, with more than 300 peer-reviewed publications on EEG, including numerous breakthrough findings, published by Chief Science Officer John F. Connolly, PhD, since 1982. The Company’s research and innovation is a constant, and our technology will continue to advance the way brain health is managed. Visit voxneuro.com to learn more.

VoxNeuro is headquartered at McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Visit voxneuro.com/locations to see where VoxNeuro tests are currently available.


Douglas Martin

Investor Relations