ZURICH & SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WealthArc, a Swiss-born global wealth data management solution provider, has partnered with ZeroLink, a pioneering company in neurosymbolic AI technology, to develop WealthArc AI & Analytics – a cutting-edge machine learning-powered “Chat with your data” service tailored for family offices and the wealth management space.

The integration of ZeroLink’s technology in the development of WealthArc AI & Analytics enables a game-changing approach for family offices and wealth management to effortlessly access, navigate, and comprehend complex data sets.

WealthArc empowers family offices, wealth managers and other wealth owners with a state-of-the-art data management platform aggregating over 200k positions every day across the globe.

WealthArc’s application is multi-custodian and multi-currency driven solution that is very intuitive and easy to use, customizable and with a high level of data quality. It ensures that its clients have access to up-to-date and accurate intelligent information, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive positive outcomes and build their wealth.

“We are thrilled to partner with ZeroLink to introduce the WealthArc AI & Analytics solution for family offices and the wealth management industry,” said Radomir Mastalerz, CEO of WealthArc. “The solution developed together with ZeroLink will revolutionize the way family offices, portfolio managers, as well as wealth owners, interact with wealth data – ultimately elevating the level of service and raising the bar for the wealth management space as a whole.”

ZeroLink’s novel technology is a knowledge graph question/answering (KGQA) and knowledge modelling platform that utilizes machine learning to provide fast, accurate, and explainable answers to complex questions with reasoning that can be customized by users.

ZeroLink can translate structured data and unstructured text into a computable knowledge graph that allows users, such as wealth managers, to ask questions in conversational manner such as “What is my best performing portfolio?” or “What was the currency exchange rate impact on my portfolios?” and receive accurately sourced answers. What enables this ability is ZeroLink’s knowledge graph and ontology – containing a curated collection of over 17 billion entities, facts, attributes, relations, and reasoners that make up a fundamental world model that can serve as the foundation to ground user knowledge bases.

“We are excited to partner with the WealthArc team to offer a solution that can work with the sort of data that others simply cannot,” said Darren Tseng, CEO of ZeroLink. “Instead of training these models on massive corpuses of data to improve accuracy, our technology enables natural language querying from your existing data and is also better for data privacy as a result.”

To learn more about WealthArc, please visit https://www.wealtharc.com.

To keep updated on ZeroLink KGQA technology, please sign up at https://zerolink.io.


Radomir Mastalerz, CEO of WealthArc, radomir.mastalerz@wealtharc.com
Darren Tseng, CEO of ZeroLink, darren@zerolink.io