Exclusive technologies designed to improve efficiencies among providers and nurses, reduce burnout, elevate the patient experience and drive system-wide ROI

FAIRFIELD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ai–Two driving forces in the development of telehealth technologies, West-Com Nurse Call Systems and Vitalchat have partnered to provide hospital systems and other healthcare facilities nationwide with virtual care solutions using artificial intelligence to meet the needs and demands of patients, caregivers, providers and IT leaders.

A leader in nurse call innovation for more than 40 years, West-Com has integrated Vitalchat’s E-sitter and Virtual Visits solutions into its patent-pending Patient and Unit CareBoards™, which are known as the Swiss Army knives of electronic whiteboards trusted by healthcare facilities throughout North America. CareBoards replace mounted boards with tailored applications that are designed for patient engagement.

Vitalchat’s telehealth solutions use proprietary, hands-free technology that is solely powered by movement and voice. Its patented architecture conserves data transmitted over a network while enabling video to be activated upon an alert, minimizing network requirements by approximately 20-fold compared to video streaming.

Together, these solutions increase patient and caregiver safety, improve clinical collaboration, enable specialty access and provide for off-site family connection and engagement. They are available through a network of more than 70 active distributors around the country.

“Society’s needs and expectations have transformed rapidly in recent years, and healthcare leaders not only need the right tools to modernize their facilities and keep pace with patient demand ― but they need to do it in a way that relieves operational burdens on staff and generates ROI. It’s a tall order,” said West-Com CEO Paul Langstroth. “However, it is very possible to achieve, and we’ve found a way to make it work on a grand scale cost-effectively.”

Designed and priced to scale across a facility or an entire hospital system, West-Com and Vitalchat have eliminated third-party licensing dependencies to provide healthcare operators with a drastically lower lifetime cost.

“We’ve reached a point where manual processes and dated technologies are overwhelming healthcare facilities – not just in terms of dollars, but in terms of care quality, patient experience and staff burnout,” said Vitalchat CEO Alan Pitt, MD. “Our AI-driven solutions change the game. They combat many of today’s most pressing issues in healthcare. Along with West-Com, we can help facilities make massive strides in modernizing care.”

Visit West-Com online to request a demo of the virtual solutions and explore products that support clinical workflow, care quality and patient safety across the care continuum.

About West-Com Nurse Call Systems

Since 1983, West-Com Nurse Call Systems has modernized the healthcare environment and patient experience with integrated communication systems that support clinical workflow, care quality and patient safety. The company eliminates many administrative and operational burdens, which in turn improves caregiver and provider retention, patient health outcomes and long-term ROI. More at westcomncs.com.

About Vitalchat

Revolutionizing hybrid healthcare, Vitalchat combats labor shortages and burnout while improving patient satisfaction with proprietary, hands-free telemedicine solutions that enable providers to monitor and treat up to 100 patients from a single workstation. Leveraging video AI and seamless integration with other technology partners, Vitalchat is defining the hospital room of the future – cost effectively and at scale – while enhancing the human experience. More at vitalchat.com.


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