Western Union has been in the business of money transfer services since the mid-1800s. This is a company that has been a pioneer in the industry, and it has enabled millions of individuals and businesses to receive and send funds with its innovative network. To date, Western Union has more than 150 million customers in over 200 different lands and territories. Year after year, this company experiences outstanding growth and it exceeds expectations when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Why Is Global Remittance?

Digital remittance is an electronic way to transfer funds between individuals and businesses around the world. Generally, these are transfers that are being carried out by friends and family. Throughout history, individuals have immigrated to different countries in order to give their family a better life. These generous pioneers want to continuously send money back to the people who they love. Without Western Union’s services, this interchange may have been an impossibility. The global remittance market is ever expanding, and even throughout the pandemic, these remittance flows have exceeded $500 billion. When it comes to customer satisfaction and growth, Western Union is always looking for ways to enhance its customer’s experiences, and due to that, the company has created digital money transfer platforms that allow customer to customer transactions. This has not only exponentially increased the company’s revenues, but it has also led to customer satisfaction due to the ease of these transactions. 


What makes Western Union a digital front runner? Western Union leads when it comes to global digital payments in terms of scale, channels, and revenue. The company’s principal customers driving digital growth are in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. Western Union does a remarkable job when it comes to retaining current customers, and it is constantly on the lookout for new ways to enhance its customer’s experience and satisfaction. Western Union offers different remittance options; customers are able to send and receive money through a variety of platforms.

What Are Some of the Remittance Options That Western Union Provides? 

There are two types of remittances which are outward remittances (money that’s transferred out of the country),and inward remittances (money that is transferred into a company). This means that you are able to seamlessly send money to loved ones in and out of the country, and they are able to do the same. It is also easy to send money online from the comfort of your home by going to westernunion.com, or you can use Western Union’s mobile app. Creating an account is free for you and your family members, and you are able to pay with a debit card, credit card or with your bank account. Finally, if you are more comfortable using the old-fashioned way of sending funds, you can walk into any of the hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide in order to make a transfer through an agent. If you are looking to receive funds, you can also receive funds through Western Union online. These funds will be directly sent to your bank account once the transaction is initiated by the sender.

What Is In the Future for Western Union?

Western Union is dedicated to enhancing it’s digital money transfer services, and it is a company that is constantly looking for innovative ways to pair up with other companies and institutions in order to give customers a seamless experience. As of now, Google Pay users in the United States are able to use the peer to peer app in order to send money across the border to friends and families In the years to come, this company will combine its innovation with its passion for connecting others in order to create more platforms and partnerships that will continue to exceed its customers expectations.

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