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Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as Innovation Funding proves its value by helping technology development.

Development via innovation seeks to leverage government and university research to create teams of people working on projects to achieve development of new markets. Innovation in the digital economy and energy storage require enormous funding. Energy storage depends on the availability of renewable energy.

Community development and infrastructure investment depend on teams that initiate innovation projects in their communities. Teams can coordinate across the globe with enterprise corporate organizations to provide a living wage to professionals. Teams need to be able to tackle innovation for environmental restructuring.

Areas of Innovation for Economic Development include robots, AI,, and renewable energy. Innovation begins with an idea, sometimes in response to a particular challenge or to take advantage of a, new opportunity. The number of resources required, for this first stage of the innovation process varies, widely, depending on the type of innovation being, created.

Innovation does not happen unless it gets funded. When there is funding, people can turn ideas into products. Apps and software are needed to develop innovation. The types of company development model that are primarily used, determine the category of software used for implementation projects. Capitalism depends on market growth; market growth comes from innovation in products and services.

Those shifts seek to leverage infusion of large amounts of capital from governments into projects that implement innovation. Enterprise organizations refuse to erode a profitable product revenue base in favor of building out an unproven innovation product, thereby creating an impasse. In general, the board of directors of a large enterprise organization will not let the executives erode the current business with unproven technology. Then it falls to others to fund innovation.

Market growth for innovation comes from increased benefits of corporate positioning once the new technologies are adopted and become widespread. Funding generally comes from governments and foundations. Rapid adoption does not happen in a consistent manner unless there is automated process in place. Automated process is just better and needs to be funded. Once one aspect of the innovative product is automated, there is demand to automate all the processes across the board.

Key Topics:

  • Current demand – timeline of innovation
  • Industry disruptions – Robotics – AI
  • Short-term and long-term industry changes
  • Consumer behavior changes, to what degree shifts likely become permanent
  • Supply chains operations – building a more stable and resilient supply chain
  • Growth market segments
  • Technologies slated for growth
  • Marketing in the new industry climate
  • Exposures – Risks

Key Topics Covered:

1. Innovation Funding Market Definition and Market Dynamics

1.1 Start-Up Innovation Collaboratives

1.1.1 SMB Innovation Projects

1.1.2 Innovation For Established Companies

1.1.3 Areas of Innovation for Economic Development

2. Innovation Funding Market Shares and Forecasts

2.1 Innovation Funding Market Driving Forces

2.2 Innovation Funding Market Shares

2.3 Innovation Funding Market Forecasts

2.4 Innovation Funding Core Market Segments

2.4.1 Solar

2.4.2 Largest Solar Companies

2.4.3 Wind

2.4.4 Partnering to Attract Windfarms and Offshore Wind Turbines

2.4.5 Energy Storage

2.4.6 Robots/AI

2.4.7 Banking Industry DeFi

2.4.8 Physician Declines in Employment

2.4.9 Capitalism Team Software Analysis

2.4.10 Capitalism Team Software Functional Models Registration, Communication, and Web Site Development or Combination

2.4.11 Energy Storage

2.4.12 Renewable Energy Depends on Electricity Storage

2.4.13 Shaping Energy Storage Solutions

2.4.14 Carbon Nanotubes

2.4.15 CNT Changing How the World Uses Oil

2.4.16 Digital Voting

2.4.17 Electric Vehicles

2.4.18 Optics and Photonics

2.4.19 Voice Controls of Technology

2.5 Innovation Funding Regional Forecast

3. Community Development Software Product Description

3.1 Create Full Transparency Across the Team

3.1.1 Strengths

3.1.2 Challenges

3.1.3 Management Software

3.2 Forcing Innovation at Scale

3.2.1 McKinsey Innovation/Aspire Highlights Innovation “Essentials”

3.3 Established Companies Reinvent Businesses Before Technology-Driven Upstarts Do

3.4 Amazon and Uber Extend New Business Models

3.5 Accelerate to Achieve Innovation

3.6 Scale to Achieve Innovation

3.7 External Collaborators Needed to Achieve Innovation

3.8 Mobilize to Achieve Innovation

4. Community Development Labs Research and Technology

4.1 Building Collapse

4.2 Greentown Labs

4.3 Digital Voting

4.4 Responsive Web Design

4.4.1 Robust Website Structure

4.5 Venue

4.6 Artificial Intelligence and Software

4.7 Scarcity of Resource and Environmental Challenges

4.8 4th Industrial Revolution Brings Untold Wealth

4.9 New Industrial Revolution Market Driving Forces

5. Innovation Funding Source Profiles

5.1 Amity Social SDK

5.2 AES

5.3 Amazon

5.4 AskForFunding – Ecra Ventures LLC

5.5 Bayer

5.6 China Investment Corporation (CIC)

5.7 European Research Funding

5.8 Finnish-German Partnering for Joint Innovation Funding

5.9 France M2P Technological Research Institute (IRT)

5.10 Germany

5.10.1 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation, DFG)

5.10.2 Setting German Federal and State Funding Levels – Growth

5.10.3 German Innovation Funding Organizations

5.10.4 German Research Institutes Funding Ratios

5.11 GBA – Government Blockchain Association

5.11.1 GBA Connects People and Organizations with Blockchain Technology

5.11.2 GBA Commits to Reflecting Various Viewpoints and Positions

5.11.3 GBA Is Positioned to Protect the Inalienable Rights and Dignity Granted to Citizens by Governments

5.12 Global Innovation Fund

5.13 Greentown Labs

5.13.1 Greentown Labs Climate Change Startup Incubator

5.13.2 Greentown Labs Houston Texas

5.14 Innovation Fund Foundation (IFF)

5.15 IEEE Incubators Entrepreneurship

5.16 Inspiralia

5.17 Community Development Agency NYC

5.18 Forum Energy Technologies (FET)

5.19 IC@3401

5.19.1 Access to Academia & Industry

5.20 Japan Creating Massive $100 billion Fund for 2022

5.21 South Korea

5.21.1 South Korea’s $100 million Growth Funding to Blockchain

5.22 McKinsey Innovation

5.23 Opportunity Virginia

5.24 OZ Pros

5.25 PitchBook Data, Inc.

5.26 Rapid Innovation Fund

5.27 Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF)

5.28 Saudi Arabia’s PIF

5.29 SciFounders

5.30 Siemens/AES/Fluence

5.31 Taiwan Innovation

5.32 Tesla

5.33 UK.GOV

5.34 US Federal Government

5.34.1 SBIR Funding

5.35 UNICEF Innovation Fund

5.36 US Foundation Funds for Innovation

5.37 Venture Capital Investment in the US

5.38 World Bank Group

5.39 Selected List of Contacts

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