Sampling now, micro pressure sensors are the first in a series of the world’s most highly integrated microfluidic devices, based on Xidas’s 3D heterogeneous integration platform.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Xidas, a development stage tech company offering the world’s most highly integrated microfluidics solutions, has begun shipping evaluation prototypes of its smart, microfluidic in-line pressure sensor with near-zero dead volume. Intended for in-line monitoring of ultra-small volumes of fluid, Xidas’s “Pascal” family of sensors are low voltage and fully digital, feature on-board computing, and enable true in-line fluid sensing with less than 0.1 microliters of dead volume. Xidas’s small volume sensors have applications in wearable drug delivery products, portable diagnostics devices, in-line process monitors, miniature catheters, and high throughput biological systems.

Mark Bachman, CEO of Xidas commented, “We are proud of this achievement: a useful, practical, highly integrated microfluidic sensor that can accurately measure the pressure in a single drop of blood. This is the first of many upcoming integrated microfluidic innovations from Xidas that will enable leading companies worldwide to miniaturize their fluidic systems. Xidas will provide all the major building blocks of a miniaturized fluid system, as well as offer stand-alone high-value products that leverage our integrated microfluidics technology. We are currently developing microfluidic products for medical, biotech, industrial and consumer applications. We intend for Xidas to lead the next generation of advanced, pervasive ultra-miniature solutions.”

Xidas uses a unique microfluidics system-in-package approach to creating integrated microfluidic products, leveraging Xidas’s patented 3D heterogeneous integration platform called “Amalga”.

Amalga integrates high-end electronics, computing, sensing, even actuators, with microfluidics in a single package. The final packaged products work like conventional electronics and require minimal support electronics, while enabling the manipulation, control, and monitoring of small volumes of fluid.

A spinout from the University of California Irvine, Xidas is a portfolio company of Kairos Venture Capital, which specializes in seeding and growing startups that have high impact physical science technology. Jim Demetriades, CEO of Kairos Venture Capital commented, “This is a significant milestone for this young company, and provides a glimpse of the disruptive nature of their technology and vision. Kairos is proud to support Xidas in its efforts to revolutionize the world of microfluidics.”

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