Zurich Invest AG takes specialized pension fund management and customer service to the next level

Zurich Invest AG, a major player in the Swiss asset management market with over €34bn assets under management, has chosen FA Solutions, a cloud portfolio management solution provider headquartered in Helsinki, as their technology partner to support the growth of specialized investment solutions. The partnership will enable Zurich Invest AG the ability to streamline its operations and continue to develop premium product offerings and customer service for its clients.

Zurich Invest AG is an independent fund management company that builds complex, specialized fund structures for private customers, Swiss pension plans, and institutional investors.

“As we grow and the world rapidly changes, our customers will continue to demand effortless premium services,” says Micha Stäheli, Investment Technology & Innovations at Zurich Invest AG. “We have to be prepared to support unanticipated changes and FA Solutions can help us with their flexible and automated system. The platform will enable us to implement needed functions like capital calls and distributions for alternative products in a way that provides the control mechanism for us and offers new opportunities our customers demand. It’s critical for us that we’re able to satisfy our current customers but those of the future as well who are thinking about their future in ways we may not have imagined yet.”

The FA Solutions team has worked with Zurich Invest AG over the last year to launch new business processes with their platform. They continue to support the automation and centralization of operational processes into a single easy-to-use system and integrating multiple financial APIs.

“We’re incredibly proud to be working with one of Switzerland’s major players in pension fund management as they continue to grow globally with their unique offerings,” says Hannes Helenius, Chairman of the Board at FA Solutions. “Every customer in wealth management has its own way of working, but when you get to participate first-hand in the implementation of such a high level of unique business process with a company that is at the top of its game, in one of the top financial markets in the world, the result is incredibly rewarding for us as a supplier,” continues Hannes.

To date, FA Solutions serves over 70 major banks, independent asset managers, and institutional investors in 15 different countries. Founded in 1999, FA Solutions currently has offices in Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Latvia.

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