It is surprising how many people search Google for tips on how to control the social media ads that appear in their feed. While a good social media strategy can be a revolution for your business, getting wrong has consequences too. Therefore, knowing how to make the most of the marketing tool that is social media is essential knowledge. Here are 15 of the most useful marketing tips that will keep you on course this year.

1. Have clear outcomes in mind

It can be tempting to rush into posting on social media. A lot of businesses market in a higgledy piggledy fashion without a coherent strategy. Before you even set up your accounts, you need to be sure what your company stands for and what you want to achieve from using social media. Make the outcomes specific, measurable, and achievable. Most importantly, make sure your desired outcomes are known by all those that post on your account.

2. Create a social media content calendar

Setting up your social media for the coming months might feel counter-intuitive. You might feel that it should be more organic than this, emerging from the day-to-day experiences and needs of your business. Yet, the better campaigns follow a theme and build up a consistent message.

3. Use a posting software

One benefit of producing a content calendar is that you can use a software to schedule the release of this content. You can easily schedule three months of social media in one sitting and so saving yourself time.

4. Use a mixture of organic and paid social

While it would be tempting to be a purest and suggest organic posts are the best use of social media, paid advertising does work too. Therefore, the best strategy will be a mixture of both organic posts and adverts.


5. Measure success appropriately

It is tempting to measure success in the number of views of your social media. Measuring success is key and using digital signage insights can help you monitor trends and angle adverts to certain times of day. However, the right measure is engagement. You want your post to result in an active response from the user. A view can too simply be a scroll past, where a like, share or comment demonstrates your reach into your community.

6. Be yourself

Authenticity is scarce on social media, which makes it a precious commodity. If you understand who your business is and what it stands for, then stick to this in all you post online.

7. Keep an eye on analytics

Whatever you do, measure it. When you write your next content calendar, look to what has worked before and learn from this.

8. User generated content works best

Encouraging your user to share to your page is one of the best ways to stimulate engagement in your social media. Do what you can to make your social media a hub of your community.

9. Be sparing with hashtags

Hashtags are ways of trending on social media. They are also a means of searching for appropriate content. However, too many hashtags takes up too much of the message and baffles your user.

10. Retweet your tweets

If you have a tweet that is super popular and resulted in heavy engagement, do not be afraid to retweet it to increase the reach of this post.

11. User testing

There are all sorts of components that need to be tested and adapted for the best outcomes. You need to test filters before settling for one; test different caption formats, test the hashtags that work for you. Look into AB testing to see how this can optimise your posting.

12. Be consistent

Posting at the same time of day on the same day each week will make your social media campaign much more successful.

13. Use instagram stories

Using social media to show the behind-the-scenes of your business has proven successful across brands. Using the instagram stories to give an insight into how things happen can help your user feel part of your inner sanctum.

14. Stick to your brand

As well as consistency of time, you need to be consistent with your brand. Your voice needs to be true to your company’s values and the images need to fit with what your company is attempting to achieve.

15. Optimise your content

On your Facebook business page, you can optimise the content so that it appears high in the search engines. Be sure of your keywords and make sure these keywords are organically built into the content on your page.

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