With the constantly growing popularity of cryptocurrency, many people have started looking into the topic of crypto IRAs. Like regular IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts), crypto-based IRAs allow one to save money with the exemption of being taxed. Due to the growing market of crypto IRAs, many people are looking to invest in them, as they are simpler and more innovative than traditional IRAs.

This new type of IRA works in a similar fashion to traditional IRAs but is different in the way they are stored. Regular IRAs are stored traditionally in an account, whereas crypto IRAs are stored in a digital wallet the same way all cryptocurrency is stored. Here are three things you should consider before investing in crypto IRAs:

Uncertainty of Prices

On the outside, cryptocurrency seems to be one of the easiest and safest ways to invest due to the high upside growth potential and little downside risk. This factor attracts people as they see it as a quick cash grab and, in some cases, a safe long-term investment.

However, the price movement for popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin looks pretty uncertain at this point in time. Multiple external factors generally affect the price, such as government regulations and generated media hype.

That is why the value can be very uncertain sometimes, and you might never know if it will increase or decrease rapidly. On the contrary, traditional IRAs do not have such levels of uncertainty.

Limited Supply and High Demand

Cryptocurrency is often compared with gold because, unlike money, both gold and cryptocurrencies cannot be printed by a bank, making them a limited investment. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have a set supply, meaning that their amount cannot be cloned or altered.

The scarcity of cryptocurrencies is what makes them highly valued. Crypto can be used the same way as gold when there is a significant rise in inflation. With inflation, the value of paper money usually decreases, but the value of gold rapidly increases due to it being a scarce material. The value of cryptocurrency works the same way, and can even be set to replace gold in the near future during economic unrest.

Cyber Theft and Fraud

The high value of cryptocurrency makes it attractive to investors. However, while it gains the interest of investors, it also gains the interest of criminals and scammers. There have been many reported cases of cyber theft involving cryptocurrency. Despite the very high level of security, cryptocurrency theft is still possible as it is still relatively new compared to other forms of currency.

There have also been vast amounts of cryptocurrency fraud cases that have been reported over the course of its short lifetime. Many criminals or suspicious individuals look for people to scam over the internet by offering fake investment plans and different business opportunities.

It is essential to consider these factors before investing in cryptocurrency-based IRAs. Even though some risks are involved, there are also a lot of benefits associated with cryptocurrencies as an investment. Various cryptocurrency IRA companies also offer different plans and security, so it is better to check them before planning to invest in a cryptocurrency IRA.


As cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity with time, cryptocurrency IRAs are slowly becoming a huge thing to invest in. There are a fair number of risks along with the advantages that one must take into account before purchasing crypto IRAs. One should also look into the various amounts of popular crypto IRA firms for better guidance while purchasing them.

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