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This year is breaking records in all areas, giving mankind mega-fast Internet, a huge number of online casinos, and high-end games like, a super-fast family sedan (yes, Musk again) and even an artificial heart. We can’t wait to share with you, dear readers, the latest news from the world of high technology. 

We present you with our new review of high-tech novelties. And if you are tired of reading only about drones and iPhones, we have good news for you: the year 2021 has brought us progress in different areas of science and life.

1. S Plaid Tesla – The Fastest Sedan From Elon Musk

Elon Musk wouldn’t be Elon Musk if he didn’t announce a new record for his companies at least once a season. This time, the twenty-first century Edison introduced to the world the fastest model of all hybrid cars. The novelty of the car industry amazes with fabulous design family sedan price of almost 130,000 dollars, however such bold for an electric car cost is quite understandable, it is only necessary to study characteristics. And they are more than impressive:

  • acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in two seconds;
  • the top speed of the car is 320 kilometers an hour;
  • peak power of 1,020 horsepower;
  • a full charge allows a distance of up to 600 km.

Considering that not every corner of the city has an electric car charging station and that it takes many times longer to recharge than to fill up the tank with gasoline, the 600 km indicator will please many Tesla fans.  Lightning acceleration can save someone’s life on the road because every motorist knows how important fast reaction is sometimes (both the driver and his “iron horse”).

And there is nothing to talk about the ratio of price, speed, and acceleration of Tesla Model S Plaid in comparison with other high-speed cars. For example, one of the fastest cars is considered a Bugatti Chiron, from a limited edition of 500 cars, each priced (hold on to your heart!) at 2.6 million dollars. The luxury car from Bugatti reaches a speed of 490 km/h, accelerating from zero to 100 km in 2.4 seconds. Though the hybrid electric car S PLAID cannot yet reach the maximum speed of the Chiron, Tesla rubbed the competitors’ noses in acceleration and price, having made the characteristics of elite cars more accessible to a wide range of consumers. Though Bugatti owners are hardly biting their elbows, still, they pay first of all for the representativeness of the brand.

2. The Fastest Internet: The Japanese Have Created a Unique Cable

We continue our review with a novelty in the sphere, which has become an integral part of most people’s lives – we are talking about the Internet. Today the World Wide Web (especially in the context of lockdowns) is an indispensable tool for communication, education, and online business, and therefore the requirements for the quality of providers are steadily growing. In July of this year, the Japanese proudly boasted of an invention that is radically changing the usual notion of high-speed Internet.

The craftsmen from the Land of the Rising Sun created unparalleled 4-wire optical cable with record indicators – 319 Tbit/sec for 3001 kilometers! That is, the cable allows you to transmit information at a speed of 319 terabits per second for a distance of over 3001 kilometers. For comparison, this is slightly less than the distance from Moscow to Novosibirsk. Such a miracle of technology was developed by engineers of the National Institute of Communication and Technology (NICT – National Institute of Communication and Technology). Details about the specifics of this cable can be found on the official website of NICT.

3. Power Plant at Your Fingertips

University of California engineers showed an unusual novelty – a miniature biofuel battery storing energy thanks to… sweat excretions! The device is attached to the tip of your finger, like a Band-Aid, and allows you to charge your smartphone overnight.

4. Mouth to Lock – A Magnet for Weight Loss

New Zealand scientists from the University of Otago were simultaneously shocked and laughed at their invention. The magnetic lock they presented is designed to help people trying to lose extra pounds. The lock fixed to the teeth doesn’t let open the mouth more than a couple of centimeters wide, forcing its owner to limit himself to liquid food (on which many lose weight). Oh, how this lock reminds me of the era of wearing braces… Oh, forget it, it’s better to watch your diet, watch motivational movies to lose weight and work out than decorate your teeth with such an “accessory.

5. TAN – A Completely Artificial Heart Has Taken Root!

And the last (but not least) important event in the world of technology for the summer season in our selection – the first-ever transplantation of a fully artificial heart. The French company Charmat earned a round of applause for creating TAH – a total artificial heart. At this rate, all the anguish of patients and their loved ones waiting with bated breath (excuse the pun) for a transplant will be a thing of the past.

A 39-year-old patient who received a TAN transplanted by talented surgeons from Duke University Medical Center (USA) became the owner of such an amazing device. Alas, the artificial organ still has a significant disadvantage – its owner will have to carry a 4-kilogram bag containing the drive fluid necessary to maintain the heartbeat. You should agree that this is not a very pleasant nuance, but surely bright minds will come up with something, finding a more comfortable solution for patients.

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