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Safety comes first, and we should always make sure to keep safety as our number one priority. When it comes to keeping our home secure, we have fire alarms and even home security systems that can help us achieve this. Similarly, there are several ways businesses can keep themselves and their employees safe too. This is important because companies house confidential data, employees, sensitive documents and whatnot that needs to be kept secure at all times. In today’s article, we’ll share with you 5 ways by which an office building can maintain security for both its campus and employees. Let’s get right to it!

1.      Secure Doors

One of the best lines of defense is to have a secure entry system into the building. You can do this by implementing doors that promote safety, for example, turnstile doors. Moreover, you can even incorporate a password that employees should enter before they gain entry into the building, or a fingerprint scanner can do the trick to ensure that only authorized employees can enter or leave the office building. Another great way to ensure safety is to have guards invigilate the campus at all times, especially at night when threats are at their peak.

2.      Security Cameras

Installing security cameras around the campus of the building is another excellent way to maximize security. When cameras are installed outside the building you have the opportunity to see who has entered the building and who had made an exit. Moreover, when the cameras are placed inside the building you have the chance to keep an eye on the activities your employees are engaged in. This helps to ensure that the internal environment in the workplace is a safe one for every individual. You can incorporate a closed-circuit TV systems to assist in monitoring the building as well.

3.      Cybersecurity

There is no doubt that the popularity technology has gained has given to rise to cybercrime. Examples of cybercrime include phishing, hacking, internet theft and fraud, establishment of fake websites and more. There are several things measures you can undertake to protect yourselves from cybercrime. First, always make sure you use strong passwords and change them regularly. Second, make sure that every software is continually updated. Third, try to get DaaS which uses a cloud-based environment to secure all your data.

4.      Have a Reception Area

Regardless of what type of business you have, incorporating a reception area in the building or office is a great way to ensure security. A dedicated receptionist can greet and keep a good eye on visitors that come into the building. Moreover, the receptionist is the one who can take orders from someone superior to him/her in position to allow the visitor to make their way further into the building. Furthermore, you can have a receptionist make sure that every employee is wearing his/her employee card.

5.      Educate Employees

Educating office staff on the importance of security is very important. At times we are so caught up in work, and our minds are just a chaotic mess that we completely forget we may have made a blunder which can have some severe repercussions. Therefore, you should educate your staff on how to protect themselves from being victims to cybercrime, tailgating, the importance of wearing employee ID cards, etc. You should also ensure that employees are trained on a regular basis; possibly every quarter. This will keep your employees aware of the importance of keeping the company and themselves protected, secure and healthy.


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